About  Book (دماشومانو تربیت): Although we think we know what we mean by a “book,” new digital texts and reading devices are making us reconsider. A book has characters, letters and words and sometimes images. It can be read, but does it need to have a cover and a spine—and does it need to have what we think of as “pages”?

We instinctively think that it will be printed, but that might not be so intrinsic to a book when we reflect upon its long and pre-printed history—or of the many different material forms of the book in different parts of the world, and their very different intended uses, whether instructional, devotional, as the vehicles of knowledge or entertainment, or sometimes simply as ritualistic.

Book Nameدماشومانو تربیت
Authorعبدالرحیم درانی
CategoryChildren Books (ماشومانو کتابونه)