د بابل خان

د بابل خان

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Book Nameد اصفهان فاتح
Authorجورج اس. کلاسن
SizePDF, 4,4 MB
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Books, reading and a few interesting events and talks
The value of a book is always in its place. Some think that with the advent of the Internet and computers, the value of books has diminished, but this is not the case. Even today the best-selling books are published, which in itself is proof that books are still not only being printed, but also being sold and read along with them. The pleasure of reading a printed book can in no way be absorbed by a computer screen. As we progress, the reality of the book remains the same. Numerous examples of love and devotion to the book are part of history. Allama Ibn Rushd is said to have spent his entire life reading the book. Only two nights of his life are so illuminating that he has not been able to study them: the first night of his marriage and the second night of his mother’s death are so illuminating without any study. Jahez also sacrificed himself for the sake of reading. He was paralyzed at the end of his life, but he would still have books. Proof of Jahez’s love for books is that one day he anchored a coat of books and died. Jahez said of the book: “As long as you want the book to remain silent, but when your heart begins to speak, then it begins to speak very eloquently. If you are busy with something, he does not bother, but if he feels lonely, then he is a kind friend. The book is a friend who does not grieve, does not give you good money and does not separate you.
Another scholar says: “The book is the language of the dead and the voice of the living. Book a friend at night who doesn’t sleep until you’re asleep. Always say what you like. This friend never reveals secrets. He is a very loyal neighbor. A reasonable friend, humble teacher and sympathizer is also kind. ”

Isaac bin Sulayman was not married until he was one hundred years old. Someone asked him about children. The lover of the book said: . The late Khan Bahadur Khudabakhsh laid the foundation stone of a large library like the Khudabakhsh Oriental Library. He would ignore the legal restrictions on getting the books. Maulvi Khudabakhsh said: “The art of collecting rare and rare items is exempt from restrictions.” There are also three types of blindness: those who are blind, those who lend their valuable books to someone in addition to having eyesight, and those who return the book after receiving it. !.
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, who was very fond of reading, says that Hayat Javed, who is a thousand years old, read it in two nights! “I have a habit of not having a one-time meal after getting a new book,” he says. “Several times I have been deprived of dinner for fear of not being able to study.”
Well known author Mirza Farhatullah Baig was so fond of reading books that he always had a book in his left hand at lunch time and kept reading.
The famous lawyer, the late Khalid Ishaq, spent three and a half million rupees on books. His personal library contained hundreds of thousands of books. The famous researcher, Mushfiqur Khwaja lived in only one of the ten rooms of the house, all the others were full of books.
Socrates says: “A house without good books is not really a house, but a graveyard of the living dead.” “A good book is like a good friend who always advises on the right path,” says philosopher Emerson. Carlyle thinks: “A collection of useful books is like a good university today.”
You all agree with that, but the problem now is that the love of reading and learning is diminishing day by day. The culture of love of knowledge is fading day by day.

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