دامونه او دانې

دامونه او دانې

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Book Nameدامونه او دانې
Preparedمولوي محمد یونس خالص
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How to study?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions by students today in order to get a good grasp of their subject matter and also to get good and high marks. Bell answers.
Some students study when it is quiet at night, some with friends and some wake up early in the morning when the brain is most ready, and study at the same time;
You may also be one of those who have tried not only these methods but also many other ways. However, we did not get the desired result from the study.
Our purpose here is not to introduce you to any other new and unique study method, but rather to teach you such methods so that you can use them to develop your useful study. .
Students may be interested in certain subjects during their academic years and at the same time may not be interested in some of their special books, for example: a student may not be interested in physics, mathematics, history and chemistry. However, the point is, in any case, to get a higher education degree, one must have success scores.
Students who come to school and don’t like the subject just look at their watch and hope to pass the time soon. You may have had such an experience. But the question is, is there any other way to overcome this problem?
Study before going to class.
There is a solution to every problem. One of the solutions is to read your lessons that you are not interested in. Even if you are not present in the classroom, with this you can read a book and gather relevant material on the subject.
The importance of reading regardless of whether you are present in the classroom (whether it is interesting to you or not) is that no matter how much your knowledge and basic information is relevant to the subject matter, the subject matter itself A passion for reading develops in you.
You may also be wondering why teachers or those who teach you insist that a new lesson be read aloud before going to class. Is to do.
Having basic knowledge will increase your interest in learning and concentration in the classroom and you will be able to learn the mentioned material well and easily.
Ask yourself.
With the initial study your goal is to get the basic information and to search the mind for simple and low volume information; But another way you can use it to add information is to ask yourself during and after reading and love the book.
Some students who watch TV or tell stories and talk to their friends may be happy, but when it comes to reading / books they become serious and immoral.
In memory psychology, it is said that the things that are most surprising remain in the memory most of the time and are remembered quickly, because surprise makes the focus of the study. For example, you may be asked, do you remember the neighbor you saw eight years ago? You say no, he asked you who had two sons? You say I don’t remember the one whose father sold clothes? You still don’t remember, then you are asked if the house that caught fire / burned down, all of a sudden everything comes to your mind, because the fire is very strange, even though the fire has created a negative surprise in you. Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

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