How to Write a Business Plan

How to Write a Business Plan
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How to Write a Business Plan 8th Edition by Mike McKeever

How to Write a Business Plan 8th Edition by Mike McKeever | PDF Free Download.

Author of How to Write a Business Plan PDF

Mike P. McKeever’s education, work experience, business ownership, writing, and teaching careers give him a broad and unique perspective on business planning.

He has a BA in Economics from Whittier College and a Master’s in Economics from the London (England) School of Economics and has done postgraduate work in financial analysis at the USC Business School.

Mike has taught classes at numerous community colleges in entrepreneurship and small business management. He has published articles on entrepreneurship for Dow Jones publications, the Sloan Publications Business Journal, and numerous newspapers and periodicals.

Mike has successfully purchased, expanded, and sold a number of businesses, including a manufacturing company, tune-up shop, gas station, retail store, and commercial building.

He has worked for a variety of companies ranging from small groceries to multimillion-dollar manufacturers. As an independent business broker, he assessed the strengths and weaknesses of hundreds of companies.

As a senior financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company, he wrote and analyzed nearly 500 business plans. Currently, Mike runs a company, Business Plan Workshop, in which this book features prominently.

He conducts workshops for groups of small business owners and takes each person through the actual steps of completing a business plan for his or her individual business.

Business Plan Contents

  • How to Use This Book
  • Benefits of Writing a Business Plan
  • Do You Really Want to Own a Business?
  • Choosing the Right Business
  • Potential Sources of Money to Start or Expand Your Small Business
  • Your Resume and Financial Statement
  • Your Profit and Loss Forecast
  • Your Cash Flow Forecast and Capital Spending Plan
  • Write Your Marketing and Personnel Plans
  • Editing and Finalizing Your Business Plan
  • Selling Your Business Plan
  • After You Open—Keeping on the Path to Success
  • Good Resources for Small Businesses

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