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(Pashto Books) and What books and magazines should be studied?

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Now ( Pashto Books) and What books and magazines should be studied? This question is a very important question. The answer to this question is not difficult, but it is not easy either. Countless books have been written on various topics in the world around us, and countless newspapers, weekly, monthly, annual, magazines, newspapers and journals are published every day. It is never true how many magazines, newspapers, etc. are published today. It would be useful to study all of them because today there are many such books that are harmful to the human soul due to their study. They do bad things and bring them back in wrong ways. Therefore, the first question that arises in the field of study is: What books, magazines and magazines can we get healthy food for our soul by studying?

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It is necessary for the students to consult with their teacher and parents before reading the book or magazine that reading this book, magazine or magazine is useful for us or not.

It often happens that the vote of their leaders is against their nature. The students don’t like this, and it becomes heavy on them. Their nature becomes gray and angry. But at such a time, putting pressure on yourself and acting on the opinion and advice of the elders proves to be too harsh. Of course, in the future, the effective benefits of acting on the elders’ advice will come.

Today, most of the books that are sold in the markets and bookstores are novels that do not contradict our Islamic principles and the culture of the society. and has a negative impact on student morale. Fictional and film magazines, which are nothing more than pure nonsense, are also sold. This is very dangerous for the mental deterioration of students. If not, the chances of the student’s safety decrease and the possibility of damage increases.

It often happens that students study all kinds of published writings in the chaotic environment of the market and it has a negative effect on their minds, as a result of which these students become jealous of their elders. Even with many measures, they do not return to the right path and walk on their own narrow paths. Then these measures turn into failure instead of success. At this time, instead of serving the society, on the contrary, many problems are created by the same people in the society. And the shoulders of this people’s community. I have a suggestion for study in my mind and I say that if it is acted upon, it will be of great benefit.

Books, Pashto Books ,magazines, etc., are used in the field of study. The student of any degree must have a letter of approval for the entire year. And this name letter should be made according to the wishes of his teacher and seniors. It is necessary to mention this information in this name letter. That there are books with him on every important subject that leave a positive impression on his mind and thinking. For example, some books should be on the subject of Sirat.

Some discuss the situations of the Sahaba. Along with this, books written on the history of Islam, the history of Afghanistan, general information, religion and literature should also be viewed. The arrangement at the time of study should also conform to the standard. For example, a book with a lower quality should be looked at first and on other topics as well, then a book with a higher quality should be looked at.

The chart should be such that the whole year can be studied according to this chart. One of the benefits of this chart is that the student is free from new choices for studying every day. And the other is that there are books written on various topics in the chart, which by studying them will increase the information and expand the information. He may not have this feeling at the time of study, but when he gets used to it, the benefit becomes apparent to him.

After reading books, read magazines ,Pashto Books and newspapers. In this regard, as mentioned earlier, he should also share advice with his teacher and leader. So that with their advice, such useful magazines and magazines that contain Islamic, ethical and cultural things can be found.
The best of these charts are the ones that are not created by the leaders so that the students can use them. But if a student makes it for himself, he doesn’t care.

Of course, it is very important to show this chart to your teacher or your leader until he considers what is right and wrong in it, so that he can make appropriate changes and changes in it, if it is wrong, correct it or if It was right to leave it in its place.

It is important to consider the standard of learning and the standard of the student in this selection for first grade students. Because if the first grade students are given books to study that are higher than their educational standard, for example: all parts of the Prophet’s biography, all the deeds and history of the Caliphs, then the result will be that The student will not fully understand the study, and then he will not be interested in studying, and he will develop a hatred for the study, so it is very important to respect the student’s standard and the standard of his education.

It is very important to look at the books and writings written on the lives of academic staff and scholars. By looking at these books, their great secret is revealed. By encouraging people and putting them on the bridge, the student himself becomes a talented and great person.

While studying, if you do not understand any sentence or phrase and it does not come to your mind, then ask your elders. If you don’t know the meaning of any word, then you can look it up in the dictionary and show it to your elders. There is no need to talk without thinking and without thinking because there is no benefit in saying and listening like that.