تفسیر شریف

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Silence and depression
Man by nature has many habits that most people in society do not understand or think about.
Our sadness, happiness, pain, feeling, emotion, compassion, empathy, love, sincerity and countless other habits that we have in the creation of our being have important characteristics;
Often people do not understand why and what they are upset about !?
If you think deeply, you will understand the cause of your depression, but in most cases you will not be able to tell others.
Because the same person thinks, if I explain the cause of my depression to others, they may think of me as a weak person, but in fact keeping the depression hidden is a great weakness in itself, because keeping the same depression hidden. It causes man innumerable afflictions which will lead to his mental illness in the future;
We have to have a friend in our life (male or female) who can tell us the secrets of our life with great courage and confidence.
But before we find such a person in life, it is important for us to look for a trustworthy person like ourselves, to love him first, so that there is a distance between us and them. “But there is no imaginary distance between us and we are always in each other’s hearts.”
Faith is more important than anything else. There are many people in this world who play with people’s beliefs. If you are looking for a solution then you are facing another depression and pain!
So you have to be very careful!
If you interact with many people in a society, ask them the true stories of their lives, you will come to the conclusion, how colorful or how ugly this world has become for human beings.
Not every human being is good and not every human being is bad either; often our perception is wrong, never trust someone blindly!
Remember! When a man is dear to you or dear to you, do not test him! Maybe this will heal you and their hearts and this doubt will cause deep depression in both of you.
Trust grows stronger when there is no doubt or mistrust between you, sometimes there is a lot of talk between sweet friends, lovers and acquaintances, but it is very difficult to find the depth or source of every word, if you have every word. Reason and start researching the source, so maybe this action will cause you frustration; never go after small, small talk !!
“In social life, every human being maintains relationships with many people. In many cases, maintaining relationships is a compulsion and a principle of Pashtunwali, such as with one’s relatives, with the relatives of one’s close friends.”
If we still reveal the doubts that have arisen in our hearts here, then perhaps, that between us and the person we love, or too much value to us, we lose it or they become a little upset, that We are saddened by their sadness.
Try it!
That in life you have to find the secret of your life, to tell him every small and big problem of your life for sure! To lighten your heart, to make you cry or to comfort you;
Finding such trustworthy people is a bit difficult, but with a little effort, you can reach your goal!
The secret, the secret, maybe the person you trust more than yourself and share every pain and secret of your heart with them, maybe in very rare cases, they will tell your secret to someone else, so Therefore, you should consult with your heart, in a quiet place, whether to share this secret word or subject with anyone?
Will he keep my word a secret?
Would I be relieved to hear that?
If this is a scandal, how much controversy can it create for me?
What will be my fate if this secret is revealed? ”
So as a result of this we have to come to a conclusion, what can I do !?
I would like to draw your attention to one of the most important points here, which is that some secrets are actually very big or dangerous, so in order to get rid of your frustration in such situations, write down this secret under a pseudonym. !
Or if you tell your loved one, your friend, it may be a disgrace to you. ” The burden has been lifted and the impending danger has been averted.
Try to always break your silence in front of your close friends!
Laugh out loud!
Express heartfelt jokes!
Don’t give others a chance to understand your weakness and use it for their own purposes!
Maybe one of your weak points will cause you the biggest frustration!
Touching the scrotum causes you to burn, as well as exposing your weakness, to some people, causes your ruin !!.


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