داصحابو کیسې

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داصحابو کیسې


عبد الهادی






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Be brilliant! You are a gypsy
Book: Be brilliant! You are a gypsy
Author: Qaiser Abbas
Translation: Rahmat Shah Faraz
Who is good, not Vinny… He does not circumambulate the eyes of good people? You don’t need to go around alone, it’s good to see him when we chase after him. The names of those people whose eyes are good and whose legs are chasing them are left on the earth.

Be strong! You can
Book: Be strong! You can
Author: Qaisar Abbas
Translation: Rahmat Shah Faraz
Who does not dream; and which eyes do not circumambulate dreams? But circumambulation alone is not beneficial, dreaming is beneficial when we go after it and follow it. The names of the people on earth remain whose eyes are in pursuit of dreams and whose feet are in pursuit of eyes.

I asked a young man: What is your biggest dream?

((Why do you want a job?))
((To make money.))
“If you suddenly get so much money from somewhere that your whole life doesn’t end, will you still work in a bank?”
((No! Job; job will drive you crazy!))
“Then what, I’ll have fun.”
I looked him in the eye and said: We have not come into the world for pleasure, we have come to do something.
He looked at my face in surprise.

What did you come into the world for?

Don’t you have time to think about this question too?

The other day I went to the bodybuilding gym, a friend was pulling the chest out. But in the fifth chest, he ran out of energy.

I asked him: How many breasts can you take out?
((Five یا or… maybe… ten))

((Can you pull out fifty breasts?))
“What do you mean, brother, where’s the power in me?”
“If you try again after two minutes of rest, how many more chest pains will you get?”
((Maybe five more.))
“And if you rest for two more minutes, then?”
((Five more.))
(“And if it’s a little relaxed-chest-pulling, a little-relaxing-chest-pulling, a little-relaxing-chest-pulling, a little-relaxing-chest-pulling, can you get up to fifty chest-pulls?”)
“No, maybe,” he said, pausing for a moment, “why not, I can!”
((So what’s the secret to getting from five to fifty?))
After thinking for a while, he said, “I wonder if this is a miracle for someone like me, but the real secret is comfort.”

“No, brother; the real secret is (a little rest); a little rest. The purpose of life is not to relax, but to work.”

We all plan big things in our dreams, we all dream of living after death. Too often the love of doing something rises in us and an uneasiness has always kindled a fire within us. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Sometimes I don’t have money and sometimes our relationship is in danger. Sometimes the sword of defeat hangs over your head and sometimes your electricity, gas, water and internet bills bleed. Sometimes our job is in danger and sometimes we get lost in our emotional life.

Why do we fail to live the life we ​​love? What is it that leaves us, achieving everything we hope for?


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