سلطان محمود غزنوي

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سلطان محمود غزنوي


M Bashir


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The revival of a dead nation
Why we shed an inspired light on the past history of Muslims indicates that Islam was a weak religion and Muslims were not always in need. The reason why Muslims are in a weak situation is that Muslims do not live with justice.

We contemporary Muslims have never lived with justice, because we have done more and less (excesses and extravagances) in everything, and justice is choosing the middle way in everything.

We did not stand against the oppressor and did not help the oppressed. We have been hypocritical in everything, and hypocrisy is that we have deviated from justice.

I see that some of our Muslims do not conduct political affairs according to justice. It arouses a kind of anxiety and jealousy in the common mind. Surely this is a very unfortunate way for us.

A good example of the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is that he created trust and brotherhood among his companions. The companionship of the Companions of the Prophet is so fixed that everywhere a believer is the brother of another believer. The solution brings the country down to a failed stage. We see that many political parties misuse some values ​​to invent sedition. In this way, they create a kind of satanic sedition among the people. Basically, they do not respect justice and equality and thus they have faced the people with severe misery.

I feel sorry for them, who are sitting in the camps and praying to America, who once again violated the Afghan people; But the truth is that they have become so weak and scared, that this water does not flow over their heads again, because this people is not tired of war and martyrdom. And if it happens, then the Afghan people will fight again.

And these are the tests, in which the position will be revealed. And based on his self-determination, he will once again start the slavery of disbelief and another serious war will start. But accept that they foretell a failed war, that there will be nothing but misfortune. These people are now known to the whole nation that they are trading on the motherland for the slavery of disbelief. These ignorant preachers sitting in the camps are especially against the Islamic system, because the Islamic system is not liked by the infidels. And the disbelievers want the Muslim to be in misery.

The Shilaka war was only for this purpose and they think that we do not know, while they seem to us to be very ignorant because they are against Islam. They are atheists and atheists are the biggest destroyers of Islam. Thus they do not live righteously. These people do not stand for justice, because they are hypocritical in their information.

Among Muslims, hypocrites live in a very ignorant way and confuse people’s minds, spreading poisonous ideas and bad culture among people. They criticize the heresies in religion and the Sunnah, and they never turn to the path of one God (J), and they also make others their friends. In fact, they are all following the path of Satan, and Satan is humiliated and humiliated, and this is the stage in which there is no justice.

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