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How to speak well?
Nabi Star

Current research on good speech or speaking presents some of the issues, which in the past we accepted as a principle when speaking. The world is moving very fast in science and research at present. Many articles and books have been written on the art of good speech, which scholars have given different views on. Talking is a natural thing; But good and effective speech is an art, which can be achieved through repetition and practice. There are various traditions regarding the value of speech; For example, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) would say that a good word is charity. Scholars liken words to pearls, words are pearls and should be used with caution and place. On the other hand, not paying attention to words is also a serious problem, which one should be aware of. Wrong words or phrases arise, we have a proverb in the language, that our language is both a calamity and a calamity. Language that is accustomed to good, effective and appropriate words, surround yourself with it and if words or speech are neglected; So look at yourself.

Psychologists even rely heavily on words and speech to play a role in the affairs of human life and how human beings use speech and words. If you call a person twenty times a strong and diligent person twenty-one times, you will find in him a characteristic of a strong or industrious person. Finds the feature So if we look at the above example, words have such an effect on other human beings and how responsible we are, we play a direct role in creating a bad characteristic of someone; So why not think with words? Use words that bring happiness, success, encouragement and happiness to both us and the other party. Beyond everyday speech there are specific speeches on certain issues, for which it is necessary to pay attention to certain points, scholars have shown different ways in which to speak well or speak; But I would like to present to you the ways in which the current experts in this field have proved and created:

– Don’t talk in a hurry. Some people speak so fast that they don’t get lost after the third sentence, what to say and what not to say, which can be very detrimental to the speaker. Some people, on the other hand, speak very slowly and slowly, taking too many breaths or delays between a word or a sentence, which in turn makes the listener tired. But the speaker is comfortable with it. A good speaker is one who thinks of both himself and his listeners as comfortable and not tired. Speech should not be too slow or too hasty, in which case neither the speaker nor the listener will be upset, nor will he be upset. Speech can have tremendous control.

– Be confident in yourself. Some people tremble at the beginning of the introduction or speech to others, lose color, become speechless, and have shortness of breath, which are signs of a lack of self-confidence when speaking. Speech experts say that the first four minutes of a conversation can have both positive and negative effects on the other side. So try to do your first words or self-introduction in a very professional and accurate way. Because people who don’t trust themselves when they talk don’t like listeners.

– Talk enthusiastically. It’s different from other speakers, it makes you special, it attracts listeners, it builds trust in you, every sentence of yours looks new and interesting. So doing things with enthusiasm and enthusiasm can have a wonderful effect.

– Pay attention to the sound of gold and bombs. The sub-sound means thin and the bomb sound means stem sound. You should not use accents and bombs in speech and phrases at all, some words or phrases that are necessary should use a thin tone and some should use a low tone, which is a great art between you and the listener. Communication and attention can be generated, depending on the art and technique of the speaker, in which sentences the narrow and in which the stem sound is used.

– Start your ceremonial speech without preparation. Some people say hello, welcome, thank you, good wishes and say it on paper or think about it a lot, but the first words cannot be repeated a second time as a good performance, words that are easy, there is no need to say Write it down and say it on paper, because natural speech sounds more effective and better.

Every word, speech or utterance represents a person’s personality; So try to speak well, appropriately and appropriately.


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