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Hindara stood up, as if catching a fever, shivered, closed her eyes, and rolled back. Like the measles that fell on it, its grains were counted more, its face also turned yellow.

Seeing his face, he was sad, frightened, turned his face away from the mirror, went straight to the bathroom. He rubbed his hands and face with soap and water. Turning back, he stopped at the mirror, saw himself in the mirror again.

His face was just as black and full of grain. As he looked at his corpse in the dungeon, he turned around. He ran, brought back all the food of the day, breathed from his legs, turned his head, lay down on the couch long, noticed the clock hanging against the wall in front of him, placed both hands on his chest, heart pounding. It was like the sound of a clock hand. His head was still shaking, his eyes fixed on the ceiling. The administration, the daughter and her colleagues came to the front, the day before the entrance of the administration, as an unknown guest caught everyone’s attention, a voice called out:
Moin Sahib Khairit will be, how come it is often too late for you?

Touch the other belly:
Moin Sahib, fasting will not take place, it is a long time since you have not eaten your daughter’s food.
Another called from the other corner:
Food that does not absorb even a drop of water.
He turns a deaf ear to every word, Zoli-Zoli climbs the stairs to the third floor, Dotar has not reached the door, whose heavy voice disturbs his senses even more:
Moin Sahib!

Turning his head, the minister, with a bow on his forehead, without greeting and saluting, said angrily beforehand:
If the food of the daughter was not good, why did you like to work in this country? Do you think the food of other daughters is different?

Hold on to this page:
But as I ate, such grains came out and if more …
Race interrupted, laughing:

What do you think, we are safe from grains, this measles has passed us all, you will pass it too.

Measles will pass, but how will the scars go away?
The Minister holds his long beard:

Leave the beard so that the sun is in place and no one will see the face.

He laughed and said jokingly:
But if his wife agrees!

Coming to Minister Ghumbari:
What are you doing here, because you are afraid of your wife?
He becomes silent, goes into thought. Return to Minister:

What if I fast like that?
The voice of the Minister should be raised:
If such a person refuses to eat in Dotro and runs away, all the institutions are closed, you know, how many employees have left their jobs on the bridge now, or food or resignation!

He did not answer and the minister went downstairs angrily.
Looking in the mirror, but quickly turning back, as if smelling or smelling the room, Sautiga gets up, opens a round window, and stands up. Look up at the sky, the sky is covered with dark clouds, sit on the couch, hold the head in both hands, many worries fall on him, but suddenly his mobile phone rings, his wife is:

Hi, how are you?
I’m not well!
Is he like someone who sticks out his tongue and responds slowly?
I have pimples on my face, my complexion is getting darker day by day.


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