ګوډ قاتل ناول

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ګوډ قاتل ناول






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Ghazi M Bawar

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Electoral attention
Our brain acts like an excellent filter and causes you to focus only on the important and necessary information at any given moment and not to pay attention to other events that surround you.

With this ability, you can study and prepare for a math test in a crowded school restaurant after lunch, or while all the family members are busy talking. You are sending messages to a friend.

Sometimes this filtering is known as “selective attention”.
When you have a habit of negative thinking, your attention is focused on negative events and you spend all your time thinking about bad and negative things.

In this case, you cannot ignore the case and ignore hundreds of busy, noisy, good and happy moments, as a result, disappointment becomes your guest and you will lose all the achievements and happiness.

Suppose you raised your hand to answer a question in history class and gave the wrong answer and the history teacher smiled. The habit of negative thinking causes you to not be able to get out of that thought and filter out all the good and interesting information that day, such as a football game or a joke hour with friends before class. : Teachers each had a purpose! Today was a really bad day.

The problem is that with this thought, our memory becomes closed and only remembers the bad and disappointing events and by going over them again and again, it prevents us from any memories that would make us happy. And it causes happiness.

Filtering life events and focusing selectively on bad and disappointing events makes you feel bad about yourself and others, you become pessimistic about the future and because your life has always been bad and negative, you feel angry and You will feel fear. Focusing on negative details over time will lead you to withdraw from others, fear of doing things, sadness and depression.

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