1300 Math Formulas

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Abdul Rahman and Abdul Rahim did not know that after thirteen minutes; Thirteen minutes later, an explosion occurs in the square where they are heading.

Abdul Rahman whispered in his mouth. He was about to tell his son the story of his dream. This is the third week that before going to bed at night she goes to her house, cooks her sweets and tells others that one day she will not care and her sugar will not increase. He eats sweets, takes his granddaughter in his arms, walks out with him; .

Abdul Rahman raised his head, his son rolled his eyes, and the man’s lips quivered, and instead of a shriek, he let out a puff.

Abdul Rahman persuaded Abdul Rahim to accept his mother’s words to name the commander’s daughter after him, but his son turned away.

Abdul Rahim then spent three weeks thinking about how to give his mother more reasons to stay away from the commander. He told her that our economy was not good and that the commander would not give her to his daughter, but his mother insisted that he would listen to her once and for all.

Abdul Rahim repeatedly persuaded his father to tell him that his friendship with the commander would make him hostile, but he did not dare. He took the opportunity to say this to his father, his eyes downcast, his head spinning.

Abdul Rahim noticed a sidewalk on the side of the road. The father put his hand on his shoulder. Her son’s eyes widened. Her father laughed. The young man’s heart admitted that his father had noticed that he was looking at a foreign girl but his father thought that his son would convince him to marry the commander’s daughter. His father saw in this friendship that no one in the village would let go of his goat for fear of the commander, he would not pluck the apples from the garden on his own head, he would not take usher from the wheat by force; . His son no longer wanted to live with someone he hadn’t been to school. He had seen the girl one day on the street, but it didn’t look good.

The father regretted his son’s terrified look, saying nothing. Abdul Rahim, who had been in front of his father, turned back. They side by side, like soldiers walking on education.

Little did they know that the explosion would take place seven minutes later. Abdul Rahim shook his head and looked at the ground. His father shook his head, his son laughed at him, closed his eyes tightly, and shone back. He regretted looking at the road, but the father thought that his son knew he was talking about marriage, because he was looking down.

About three more minutes passed in silence.

During the Friday charity week after the bombing, Abdul Rahim’s mother looked at the commander’s wife, who was sitting opposite him, sometimes looking at her hands, which were full of gold bangles, sometimes looking at the mattresses, pillows and curtains hanging on the window. Lifts.

Abdul Rahim’s mother put her hands over her eyes and wept. The moment passed in the rap that Abdul Rahim was standing in the doorway, telling him:

“Corals crossed by the commander”

Abdul Rahim’s mother raised her head as if drowning and saving herself in the water. She trembled and shouted:

“Son of a bitch”

He rubbed his eyes, his hands were not wet, he put the slippery cloth on his head, the commander’s mother was not in her place, she was gone.

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