تخیلیل ساحتمان

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تخیلیل ساحتمان


Zia Fazily


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Causation of Conflict in the Light of Social Psychology
Atiqullah Hamidi

Social psychologist Muzaffar Sharif conducted an experiment to find the cause of group conflicts. 22 children between the ages of twelve and thirteen came to his summer camp. They were from one type of family, i.e. there were no rich and poor, but the economic status of all families was at the average level. They didn’t know each other before and split into two camps in a park in Oklahoma City.

In the first phase of the experiment, they were introduced to the members of both groups for a week. They were given mountain climbing, target shooting and other games. One group named their group “Eagle” and the other group named “Marr” and they also changed the flags and clothes of their groups.

The next week, the second phase of the experiment was their competition phase and in this phase there were games like tug of war and baseball where they had to defeat the opponent. During the games, the attitudes of both groups towards each other went from bad to worse. They used to yell at each other and this yelling finally turned into a fight. Not so much, then it happened that the eagle group burned the flag of the snake group. The snake group destroyed the camp of the eagle group in retaliation the next day; They broke his bed and took some things from him. In a few days, the matter reached such an extent that finally the three parties decided to separate them.

He separated them for two days to cool down his anger. Then he asked the opinions of these 22 members from both groups. Each group would praise its own members and speak ill of the members of the other group.

One thing to remember is that all these children were from the same family. The parents of all the members were alive, they had the same religion, the economic status was the same for all of them…

After this, this experiment took place in different places. For example, in Beirut, Lutfi Ziab created two groups in this kind of experiment; Red and Green groups and each group had five Christians and four Muslims. Looking at the situation in Beirut, it happened as expected. The games of the two groups soon turned into conflicts; But these conflicts were not between Muslims and Christians, but between the red and green teams.

Many countries in this world hate each other; But at the top of all are Armenia and Azerbaijan. If you don’t know these two countries; So you may not understand why they hate each other. They have also remained citizens of a country at one stage of history. Find out how much they hate each other from the following stories:

In 2004, during a NATO exercise, an Azerbaijani soldier “Ramel Saforov” killed a sleeping Armenian soldier. His fault was that he was from Armenia. In Hungary, Ramel was imprisoned for life for this crime. After six years of imprisonment in a Hungarian prison, as a result of the requests of the Azerbaijani government, Hungary transferred Ramel to Azerbaijan to spend the rest of his imprisonment there in his own country. Arriving in Azerbaijan, Ramal was not only pardoned, but also received a hero’s welcome. He was given a house by the government and appointed to a high position in the army. In 2013, the leader of Azerbaijan announced that it is not a crime for an Azerbaijani to kill an Armenian.


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