احکام قضايي اسلام

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احکام قضايي اسلام


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Are we not comfortable or successful despite working hard?
Nabi Star

I see a lot of people I meet face to face with their work, do not feel comfortable, looking for work elsewhere, maybe there is someone among you who has to work hard day and night, To succeed and to reach the goal; But those who, despite their hard work, still do not succeed or achieve their goals, have some reasons that psychologists call extremely harmful and shocking.

– Work area or environment

For example, your favorite business or trade; But you’re working on something that you don’t like or are comfortable with. ” Or in one geography the work may not be so effective as to have an effect in another geography, which ultimately does not give the best result. The good news is that energy can be put to good use in the right place at the right time.

– Hard work wastes your time

Hard work that doesn’t get you good results is a waste of time, consider time management and value, you ask yourself, how much work do you do and how much do you get results? If your work was worthless in time. So be sure to change your route and use that energy to do something worthwhile.

– Does not move with one hand

Man is not perfect and has not learned everything. Don’t think that you don’t need anyone, your pride is dusting you off, one of the secrets of success is that in the workplace you should try to expand the relationship with those who are working for you. Can play a role in development and improvement. These people show you what you can do to get more out of your work and get better results.

– Less work, but every day!

Sometimes you try hard to reach a goal, for example you want to go up one level. But unfortunately you are not steadfast, which is one of the biggest obstacles. For example, if you want to build a beautiful body, exercise hard one day a week and follow a strict diet one day, there is nothing you can do to build a beautiful body, because exercise less, diet less. But every day!

– Stay away from pessimistic and negative friends

One of the main reasons for failure and failure to reach the goal is the desperate environment, desperate words, humiliation or insults. Never listen to frustrated people in your workplace, try not to listen to them, cut ties with them, corner yourself, just greet them, don’t look at your work anymore and don’t get into issues. Discuss with them, because psychology considers such people as the biggest obstacle to success, believe in yourself, do it and come to a good result.


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