احمد شاه مسعود

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احمد شاه مسعود


شکیبه هاشمي


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Why are today’s youth so anxious?
Abdul Wahab Momand

This is a question that today’s youth are looking for an answer to, but there are few young people who can come up with an answer to this question. Most of today’s youth spend their time feeling anxious and individualistic, they are lost, looking for the light that will take them out of this problem, deep depression and depression. I have seen many young people who are always frustrated with life and are completely surrounded by negative thoughts, they have very little instinct to believe in themselves, if now they have found a solution Soon after his decision is made, because this deep depression has exacerbated the worries of today’s youth, weakened their instincts to such an extent that they have become lazy and unprepared, unable to manage the affairs of life. Is. It is the life of the age that revolves around them, they should apply to the life of the age. Interestingly, our contemporary youth rely on Allah but do not know how to rely on trust and are unable to know when to rely on Allah (swt). They just sit and rely on Allah. It is possible to rely on one tool after another, and your actions are based on determination, so the result of such reliance is insha’Allah! Be positive.

Today’s youth complain a lot about life, say! However, if we could talk about time, life would be so miserable with such young people that there would be no limit. They want everything and wish for everything but it seems impossible to reach them. We don’t see anything as impossible in life management without exception, why do they always think negatively and why does it seem impossible to reach every task? The answer to this question is that depression and anxiety are the ultimate limit of despair, when deep depression overwhelms us, isolation is the right thing to do. ? This is because negative thoughts make it impossible in our minds to achieve the desired goal and always consider the result of each plan to be zero negative so that depression prevails over us. Based on Islamic and contemporary research, let’s come to the reasons and solutions why our current youth are more worried?

Not maintaining a close relationship with Allah (swt):

Islam is a religion of peace, but why don’t our current youth have peace? It will depend on their ego and lazy beliefs. When troubles and worries overwhelm man, let him say: Glory be to Allah, He is Able to do all things, and everything in the heavens and the earth is under His control. Anxiety soon leaves man. Unfortunately, our contemporary youth’s relationship with God is as delicate as a thread. Because the contemporary youth do not study much from Islam and this is also due to their lack of research. We say that prayer gives relief to man, so why do some people have deep depression? This is because most of our young people now pray in a way that is not a good way to pray, and even when they are praying, their minds and eyes are focused on worldly things. Let us not humbly abandon the way we pray, but peace will not escape us. Also the prayer that does not protect us from evil deeds, know that there is such a black spot in our beliefs that it should be cleansed with asceticism. Another major problem between us is that we ask God to take care of our needs but we want a quick result. In fact, our instinct for patience and perseverance in worship is weak. Then we become discouraged and our act of asking seems useless to us as it represents a weak belief and can even lead us to ignorance. The more we believe in the divinity of God and believe that our prayers will be rewarded, the more purity and determination we will have in our faith.


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