حفظ ومراقبت و ترمیم کانالها

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حفظ ومراقبت و ترمیم کانالها


Said Sharif


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Afzal M Waqar

Afzal M Waqar

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Ottawa E. Butler, an American science fiction writer, says:

Forget motivation and rely on habit; Because habit will always keep you in the same position, whether motivated or not.
These women have won many awards for their part and may have summed up the secret of their success in these sentences.

It is said that 5% of human outcomes are due to one’s habit and the remaining 5% of outcomes are due to coercion. If you want success in every area of ​​life; So improve your habits in that field. If you want to excel in your job, education, communication, health or other fields; So good habits can give you good results.
Brian Tracy has written more than 70 books, he says.

Good habits are hard to come by But it makes life easier. Bad habits are easy to get; But life is hard.

According to some researchers, if you want to make a job a part of your habit; So do that for 3 days in a row. Some show forty and some sixty-five days. As a task becomes a habit in a few days, a few words are important.

The first is how important this work is to that person. For example, if a person is overweight, exercise is important to him. If he wants to make sports a habit. So long as one is accustomed to having a fit body and exercise is not so important to him.

The second is how hard or easy the habit itself is. For example, brushing your teeth is easy and exercising every day in the summer is hard work. So the time to get used to these two things also varies.

When a job becomes a habit, the advantage is that you can do it automatically or without hesitation. For example, if one becomes accustomed to reading, one must first overcome many difficulties. Every day his mind will be searching for different things. But once reading has become a habit, he will study on his own. Before he gets used to it, he will try to pick up the book. But after the habit, the habit will bring a burden on him to pick up the book.

The best way is to; When you write your annual aspirations, write down the things you want to get used to. For example, exercising, reading and studying every day, hanging out with a friend, helping the poor every day to the best of your ability and… you can make it a habit to do these or similar things that are important to you. . Just remember one thing until you have made it a habit to do one thing, don’t touch the other. Do as much as you need to, but don’t do it out of habit. Because then all the work is left to you. You may have heard the saying, “In many butchers, a cow dies.”

Some people will be in a good mood one day, saying to themselves that I will do this and that, start all the work. But after a few days, everything is left over and then he starts all over again, then he stays halfway through it, so the year goes by. But nothing has changed in his life. Try to make good habits in your life, these good habits will one day make your future.

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