مایکروسافټ ورډ 2016 پښتو

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مایکروسافټ ورډ 2016 پښتو


M. Noor


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Personality / Atiqullah Hamidi
In psychology, personality is explained in different ways. According to a theory, there are two types of people according to personality; Category A and category B.

The story of the creation of this theory is also interesting. The story goes that there was a cardiologist named Friedman. One day, he is attracted to his clinic chairs, which are deteriorating very soon. These were the chairs that heart patients would sit on. Dr. Freudman hides in the clinic one day and observes the patients sitting on these chairs. He notices that when patients sit on these chairs; So he plays with the chairs, he looks at his watch from time to time, sometimes he leans forward in the chair, and sometimes he leans back, and when he gets up, he walks. He says to himself that there is definitely a characteristic in heart patients that is more in them and less in other people.
After this, Dr. Friedman researched three thousand people and divided these people into two categories: Category A and Category B. In category A, he included those who were very active, punctual and ahead of others in their work. In category B, he included normal people who were not very punctual and did not try hard to achieve success. Dr. Friedman observed these people for eight years. It was here that (250) of them had a heart attack, and 70% of these two and a half hundred people were in the A category. After this, he conducted a second study and the result was that people of category A are more prone to heart attacks.

According to this theory, personality is divided into two categories in psychology. Type A and Type B.

Category A:
*_ Loves to fight
_* focuses on his goal
*_ He does everything quickly
*_ Be impatient
*_ Hopes to shine everywhere
*_ accepts challenges
*_ Takes stress easily
*_ Gets angry easily

Category B
*_ He is not inclined to struggle
*_ Seeks ease in life
*_ Treats everyone well
*_ Be patient
*_ Lives a peaceful life
*_ He excels in every field

Both categories have their own advantages and disadvantages. A-category people strive for success, do not waste time and have a high ability to work; But along with these good features, the disadvantage is that they are more prone to heart disease. They say that every work must be perfect and not have any defects; Therefore, when they come across a work that is incomplete or defective, they get angry. This excessive anger can also affect their relationship. That they have to do everything on time, so if they are a little earlier or later, they get stressed, and then due to stress, they fall asleep, get headaches and other problems.


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