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Duties and Qualifications / Atiqullah Hamidi
One of the causes of stress is not having a job you like. Whatever work a person loves, he never feels tired or uncomfortable doing it. No one in our society takes this into consideration. A person may be very talented in one area; But due to some problems, he works in another field or in another profession. This is the reason why he is always uncomfortable and cannot progress in that area. Maybe he will earn a lot of money, he will go to work in a good luxury car; But there will be no peace of mind and heart.
Most people advise each other to work in this field or teach in this field; There is more money in it, or there is more profit and fame etc. All the focus of these consultants is on career, which is not the right thing to do. Before giving advice to a person, one should look not at the profession, but at the ability, taste and talent of this person, in which field this person is most comfortable and which work he loves the most. For example, if someone asks for advice on which profession is good for me or in which field I should work? You should first ask yourself, what are you most interested in? What is your favorite job or profession? What is the thing that you are most comfortable when doing and you don’t know the time? So when you focus on the person (person centered) and give advice; So the advice will not fail you.

Some people choose their profession by looking at the career of others and think that so-and-so is very successful in this field, so I will also be successful. This is also a wrong approach/thinking. So-and-so who is successful in this field, the reason is that he has chosen this field according to his taste and interest. Your taste, interest, talent and ability are different; So it is not necessary that you should prove to be a successful person in that field. An article says:

“A fish can’t fly, a bird can’t swim. Know your own ability.”
Birds cannot swim and fish cannot fly; So know your ability and capacity.

The work of a fish is to swim, and the work of a bird is to fly; If the fish thought how much fun the birds are, flying all day long… Now if the fish practice more, the better he will study in the university; So will he be able to get out!? Never; Because fish are made to swim, not to fly. If you also feel that I will also be successful in this profession; So, first of all, get rid of yourself and your taste. I am not saying that you will not succeed like that person; But your taste and interest may be different and you may feel uncomfortable there.


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