دتصوف په اړه ځینې حقایق

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دتصوف په اړه ځینې حقایق




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How to save yourself from disappointment?
If you look at the newspapers, you will definitely find someone committing suicide every day. It is estimated that one million people commit suicide every year in the world, 10 million to 20 million try to commit suicide, and the rate of suicide is even higher in poor and backward countries. Let’s take a look at the reasons for killing, then one and only one major reason will be revealed to me, which is called frustration. Depression is a dangerous disease that any person can suffer from. In some people, despondency spreads so strongly that finally the person suffering from it gives preference to death.

Many articles have been written on this topic, but in general, any advice given on the treatment of depression is related to social problems and prevention is complete with the power of the government or major institutions, but this article of ours is very offensive. It can be useful for those who are facing disappointment in one way or another. In this article, I will try my best to find out if someone is suffering from depression and what are the ways to identify it? Hasn’t Allah Almighty taught us about this in the religion He sent us? And what and how can we get rid of disappointment? May you be blessed with a lot of happiness.

Definition of failure

Disappointment is also called despair in psychology or psychological science. Pakistani psychologist Hameer Hashmi (whose books are in the curriculum of American and Canadian universities) defines despair as follows: What a person feels because of not fulfilling his desires. For example, when a student wants to succeed in an exam and then fails against his expectations, then he becomes a victim of disappointment, or if an athlete If you go to the playground with the hope of winning the game, but lose the game, then you will be disappointed).

Before this, Mr. Hashemi writes: (Now if we examine ourselves and the people around us in the light of this definition, we will come to the conclusion that every person in the world can suffer from despair and until it suffocates a person. He will be troubled with this disappointment because it is impossible for a person’s complete desires to be fulfilled exactly according to his wishes. Therefore, because of this, a person faces one or the other kind of disappointment, but some people are Some people feel very disappointed when they are born. (Hamir Hashemi, Psychology, p.

In a simple way, if a person expects a wish to be fulfilled and it is not fulfilled, then a bitter feeling arises in the heart and mind of that person, which is called disappointment.



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