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Do you want to get married? / Abdurrahman Green
In his life, he is a praiser of the Almighty God, and his faith is the greatest secret of man. He is the one who fully trusts in his Almighty Creator, then he is the guarantor of the solution to all the problems of mankind. give him enough

If you want to marry a woman, or if you want to marry a young man, then you should ask your Lord for his request, I swear by Allah Almighty that he will never disappoint you.

Let him know the intention of his new life, a real, pure woman, and let him know that his intention is to become a good husband. Your emotional hunger will be destroyed.

It doesn’t matter what kind of marriage you both have with your partner, but God will surely make your marriage good and true, because every time he loves you. If he is determined to finish the work, then he will be more determined. It doesn’t matter what kind of culture your family has, where you or your family comes from.

Lord God Almighty, every day, you will come to the second sky, and he will come to the second sky.

Is there anyone I can forgive? Is there anyone who can repent and accept his repentance?

Is there someone who needs me to fulfill their needs?

Malik al-Muluk (kings of kings) comes in the third night and asks you: Is there anything you want to know?

We are your parents, the hearts of the most merciful God are spread out with your fingers, and the forgiveness of God Almighty can find interest in the heart of your future wife. May his love increase in the future, but if you intend to get married, he should be single, so that you have given the goal of marriage to be with your wife, and she will go to heaven with the help of the Lord. He must equal the expenses of his means.

The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “The mercy of God, the Most High, is greater than the mercy of His children.”

Every time you pray for forgiveness, do you think that you are the answerer of your prayers and not the previous one?

Surely, Lord God, do you think that you are not crying out to you on the head of the Most Merciful? Don’t you cry to the lips?


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