اسان جنتي عملونه

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اسان جنتي عملونه


Abo Abdullah


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Several ways to get rid of mental anxiety and fear
Translation: Love

Famous psychologist Dr. Alex Karl says: “If some people didn’t suffer depression, they would have died at a young age.”

It can be seen that many times people are faced with sadness, if we think a little, then it turns out that there is a lot of sadness in these sadness, which can be easily eliminated due to our little attention, because it is a kind of artificial. There are depressions, they don’t have any strong foundation, many people call these artificial depressions an excuse for themselves, which also causes stomach ailments.

I am now telling you the story of Leon Shakan, the head of a publishing association in America. He has described this story in his own language as follows:

“For 15 years, my work style was that for every work, I would spend half a day in meetings and discussions, what should we do and what should we not do?” We used to waste a lot of time in these discussions and we could not get any results without sitting on our seats. In the evening, we would return to our homes. I thought that there are other ways besides this. After a long time, I searched for the reconstruction of my incomplete thinking. After a few years, I was finally able to change my path. I am doing it and I am very happy. My health condition has improved a lot. I have benefited a lot from these methods. I will now present to you the structure of my work. The result was that the participants of the meeting and my friends used to ask this question a lot, what was the mistake of our meeting? Each of them asked the same question to the other. In the end, we ended the meeting by saying, “What should we do in the future?” ”

Whenever I am faced with any issue, I have made these principles for myself. The following four questions have been answered in written form, and I will put them in front of you.

1: The first question is what is the issue?

In the past, we have never tried to understand this matter, what is the form of matter?

Now that I remember the past time, I feel sad, why I spent my precious time on such useless talk.

2: The second question was, what is the cause of the matter?

In the past, we used to waste two hours of time every day, what is the subject? Later we would present the solutions in written form.

3: The third question would be, what are the solutions to the issue?

Before this, only one person would propose to solve the issue and the other participants would discuss it.

4: The fourth question would be, what do you think is the best way to solve it?

Before, we all used to discuss among ourselves instead of thinking about the right way to solve the issue. One person used to spend several hours discussing and did not have any suggestion to solve the issue. He pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of this work, our opinions were contradictory and we did not accept the words of others.

Today, when my friends act on my words, they solve the problem immediately, because they know that if they face any problem, if they find answers to these four questions, they will surely solve the problem. find a way

Nowadays, whenever I face any difficult topic, I try to use this principle, which saves me a lot of time.

Psychologists have made some suggestions to get rid of depression, which we will explain to you as follows.

1: First of all, you should find out the truth of the matter and consider all aspects of it well.

After finding out the facts, you should definitely make your decision.

3: Once you have made a decision, start acting on it without any delay, there is no need to think about the outcome.



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