د اروا پوهنې لنډ تاریخ

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د اروا پوهنې لنډ تاریخ


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Malnutrition is derived from two words, which (mal) means bad and (nutrition) means nutrition; That is, poor nutrition. Malnutrition in the sense that either food and nutrients are reduced in absolute terms, or their reduction occurs relatively, or vice versa; Nutrients increase too much, causing obesity, that is, malnutrition includes all types of bad nutrition.

If we explain a little more, then it can be said that malnutrition is a pathological condition that occurs due to absolute or relative lack of nutrients, and also because of this, when there is an increase in these nutrients, then the person Obesity is caused by poor nutrition.

It can also be said that when the food required by the human body decreases or increases in terms of quantity and quality, then malnutrition or malnutrition occurs.

Malnutrition caused by lack of nutrients is called (under nutrition) and over nutrition is called (over nutrition). This is because obesity itself causes high blood pressure, diabetes and heart-threatening diseases, and research shows that one out of every eight people in the world is obese and therefore at risk of chronic diseases. face

We will discuss about the diseases caused by over nutrition in a separate research article and I will provide detailed information about the diseases caused by it and the reasons associated with it, but this time in our dear country. In Afghanistan and other countries of the third world, a large part of the society has been affected by (under nutrition), so I will provide detailed information about this malnutrition and its causes here. And it has been written, and in the future parts of this subject, this and other parts will be used.

Malnutrition caused by lack of food (under nutrition/lack of food)

This is a pathological condition that is caused by a relative or absolute lack of nutrients and affects many children in addition to adults in poor communities.

Nutrients play a major role in the structure, maintenance and repair of the human body, so when these nutrients are reduced, all of these problems are faced.


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