معلومات درباره واش Wash

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معلومات درباره واش Wash




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Is the universe the result of coincidence or the will of a conscious force?

The most important question for us is the existence of the creator, if one accepts the existence of the creator, then the questions about religion are also solved with it, and if one does not accept the creator, then there is no religion at all. First, I must talk about the existence of a creator for the universe, which will go well with discussing religion later. In this discussion, I rely only on intellectual reasons, not from religious texts.

Religionists consider the existence of a creator for the universe to be inevitable, they say: How is it possible that so many universes can be created without a creator? On the contrary, atheists say that if the creation of so many universes is not possible without a creator, then how is it possible for the creator to exist without another creator?

It is beyond reason that such a universe should be created by chance that is controlled by such complicated laws. If this world is a house of coincidences, then why doesn’t such a coincidence happen? There is no such coincidence in our life that an apple tree produces pomegranates, or a dog is born from a donkey, another animal is born from a human, and so on. How is it possible that even a small incident in the world does not happen without a reason, but it is true about all the universes that such happy things have been created without any basic purpose and behind it the strengthening of a conscious force. Will not exist?

Looking at our world and according to human experience, there is a reason behind everything, although the principle of cause and effect is the result of our knowledge/experience, its truth about the universe is not 100% certain, but Our discussion is not with a heavenly creature, here the discussion is with the human being, if that human being criticizes the Creator based on his knowledge and experience, then we also have the right to answer based on human experience and wisdom. Let’s do it and this principle, which is 100% true in our experiments, we accept it on the same basis regarding the universe.

Come to this, how is it possible for a creator to exist without a cause?

According to the intellect, it is possible to criticize the coincidence and also the existence of the creator, but the possibility of the existence of the creator seems better than the coincidence. Because we don’t see any coincidences in our life, here everything is done according to regular laws, there is a reason for every disability, there is no illegality anywhere, and whether construction works, phenomena, accidents or destruction, they are all here. It is created according to the existing laws, starting from the big celestial bodies to the things whose existence is not even visible to the eyes, or according to the previous definition of matter, matter is not called non-existent, but it is under the laws and continues its activity.


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