د غیر مقلدینو اعتراضونه

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د غیر مقلدینو اعتراضونه




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Afzal M Waqar

Afzal M Waqar

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How to believe in yourself
Many people in life hope that one day they will win a lottery. Playing to win the lottery is always attractive, hoping that winning a prize will solve some of life’s problems.

In life, people struggle with their jobs so that they don’t lose them and hope for further development. Many people are afraid of job growth, but many people live in the hope of external resources. Change your life.
By relying on external resources, nothing changes because the external resources are not used in the way we want them to be.

The lottery of life is not always won, but the game can teach a valuable lesson in life, and that is that relying on external factors makes life’s best means but responsibilities invalid.

Surprisingly, dependence on other people (reliance on external resources) exists at every level in our society. In fact, we are wired with this and are used to it from the beginning of life, in some cases it is better to rely on other people and resources to support us to progress in life, such as our mother and The father who gave birth to us or our teacher who gave us education and knowledge about the world. But we have become so accustomed to this whole concept that it has become the basis of life for many people, life always leads them in this direction to look for external means.

The “issue of dependence on external resources” indicates that you do not have confidence in yourself and are not a smart person at all. You always need others to solve your problems. Call other people who are more intelligent, rich, beautiful, politicians, activists, executives, masterpieces, innovators and powerful people or very high people than you.

Just look around you and you will see the differences between the concept of relying on external resources.

We look at the politicians, how much they change themselves to our praise for their own interests, we gather the wise people to confirm their opinion and expect them to earn a good life in the society. We appreciate these outsiders because, and they have given this position to themselves, they are the best people, they have relationships with the powerful, but in short, we can also ask if they are apparently better than us?

Believe in yourself!
1. Take responsibility for your own life
How can one build self-confidence, if one is always able to blame one’s mistakes on external circumstances, will one still have self-confidence? I don’t think you can find any external reason to blame your mistakes on.

The first step to building self-confidence is not to be too proud of yourself, but to take responsibility for your mistakes and failures. Self-blame also cannot determine your part.

In short, blaming yourself will always make you dependent on others in one way or another, and you will only choose to be helpless in this game. But if you don’t blame others, then you will have taken the necessary responsibility for your life, which is the basis of believing in yourself.

2. Forget your mistakes
Mistakes and failures in life should be accepted responsibly so that they don’t happen again. That way, you will know a higher purpose than any failure. This will help you avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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