دولتي محاسبه

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دولتي محاسبه




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Earth day
Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, so that people think about the value of earth and life on earth.
This day is important because it turns our thoughts to the various problems and dangers that our planet is facing.
The time has come to review our thoughts and actions and our daily activities that help protect nature. Let’s make sure that the earth remains healthy for the present and future generations.
Earth Day was actually the initiative of US Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. On April 22, he asked the people to turn the attention of the government to the problems of the living environment, because the earth has been put in danger. On the same day, more than 20 million people made a shocking protest and demanded the beginning of a new history of the earth and a change in the behavior and actions with the earth.
This day has since been celebrated by the United States of America and several other Spanish-speaking countries.
But after 1990, there was an increase in the number of countries celebrating this day, and every year some topics were chosen to celebrate, most of which were related to the problems facing the living environment. Such as loss of colorful life, changes in soil, water and air etc.
This day was recognized by the United Nations in 2009, named as Mother Earth Day and announced.
Now the twenty-second of April is celebrated as Earth Day all over the world and special attention is paid to it by the media. For one week from April 22, countries around the world have various activities and cultural festivals to encourage young and old to protect the earth and environment.
It is worth mentioning that in the beginning, man did not pay much attention to the negative and harmful effects of his activities on the earth. He was only trying to improve his condition of food, clothing and shelter and find a new way to improve his life, more pleasures, comforts and conveniences. He was the one who led the industrial revolution. After the industrial revolution, they carried out illegal and violent activities on the land, which also had negative effects.
The use of machinery in various works has changed the face of nature and the environment, and the earth has faced the problems of restoration and returning to its natural state in many cases.
We are responsible for a number of ever-increasing processes, which have exposed various species of animals and themselves to the threat of diseases and other pests.
Along with this wonderful reminder of Earth Day, it would be good to mention some environmental problems and their effects, which have threatened our lives and the safety of the planet:
1- Ventilation
Mixing and increasing of some substances, particles and gases in the air, endangers living organisms and the quality of life. These materials are released into the air from industrial activities and transportation equipment, pollute the air, harm the health and safety of life and cause some respiratory diseases.
2- Water pollution
This pollution affects colorful aquatic environments. For example, the dumping of sewage and garbage from houses and industrial plants into streams, ponds and rivers endangers the lives of colorful organisms as well as the lives of people who use these waters.
. 3- Burning forests
This burning, for any reason, whether it is for clearing and expanding pastures and new areas, or for other reasons, has severe consequences. Especially when the fire gets out of control, it results in air pollution, destruction of animal habitats and extinction of many species of life.
4: Deforestation and destruction
Deforestation, which is often done for urban development, the creation of agricultural lands and pastures, and the production of wood, actually means the destruction of a region’s natural cover. This has bad consequences, soil degradation, loss of living space and death of various types of life.
5- Regional change:
This is also a big problem facing the world today.
It is believed that by releasing greenhouse gases into the air, humans increase the greenhouse effect and cause global warming. This situation, in turn, leads to changes in precipitation patterns, natural freezes or glaciers, and the elevation of water levels.
Therefore, in order to save the earth from the above problems and other dangers, consider it necessary to celebrate the Earth Day, make this day known to the children, and organize such programs, fairs and festivals on this day to educate the environment of life. Attention is diverted. We have made governments aware of their responsibilities for land and environmental protection, and we have increased public awareness on the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection.
So that we and future generations can live in a balanced, colorful and healthy environment and do our human duty in protecting the environment and nature.

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