انګلیسي ګرامر

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Don’t give in to failure; You are successful
It is obvious and true that failure is a bitter stage of life, but if there were no failure and only successes, it would lose its value. It is important that one is valuable and that you seek to obtain it.

The wise are always on the lookout and never give up. It is very important to plan and organize your affairs. If you want to give value to your affairs, first think about your plan, how to make it, what matters to prioritize and then how to implement it, it is necessary to use it carefully. Whatever is done without a systematic plan, it is obvious that the result will be different and it will often be accompanied by problems and challenges.

It is good and better to take a deep look at your affairs. Have a broad perspective and never worry about failure.

If you think that I can’t do it, you are wrong. If you think that it is hard and difficult, I will not be able to do it or I will have to do it to others, you are still wrong. If you ever have the thought of doing something and completing it, then you will always bother yourself, you will depend on others and slowly you will travel a long distance of your goal. Man needs to eliminate future threats and challenges and have appropriate measures against them. They are successful because they use different methods to manage their affairs and they only know their purpose.

For example: Many students who scored first in the general entrance exam, who then share their feelings with the media, proudly add these sentences to their story: ((I had two goals, one goal was to write and I read in my daily schedule to prepare for the exam and then I read according to my study schedule the second day. My second goal was clear and it was very wide, if I say it was far away, it was The overall first score in the entrance exam was not a small matter, nor was this goal easy to achieve, but it was not my third goal, so I pursued these two goals.)

Scholars say stop putting your head on your knees, have courage and strive for what is important to you.

Think carefully about what and what things are important to you. If you know that you have good energy and time and still waste your time, then you are the enemy of yourself and your life. You should stop this deadly and bad habit right now and continue the affairs according to a regular plan.

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