د سرک هندسي ډیزاین

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د سرک هندسي ډیزاین




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Afzal M Waqar

Afzal M Waqar

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Man on the two paths of religion and religion
Why is only man important to God in such a vast universe?

This question is also asked in a funny way that in such a vast universe, why is only man important to Allah? He sent books to him, His messengers looked at him and He chose a strategy for him to spend his life. Why is this? As an animal, in such a wide universe, why has he created only man with authority, ability and so many abilities?

They are actually ignoring the current scientific facts about the universe, they have made themselves uncertain and they are trying to raise this question about religion in such a way that they ignore the whole universe. It is not work, man is a part of the universe, if man is discussed, then the universe should also be discussed. It is not and only a part of the reality is given to us, so it is necessary to consider the universe in this part.

This question should be asked to them, where did God say that only human is important to him? All the universe is important to God, for this reason, he has applied his orderly principles everywhere for survival. If only man was important to God, then these existing laws in the sky indicate the unimportance of the universe? Nowhere in the Holy Qur’an does it say that only human beings are important. It is said that God has given human dignity (al-Isra’: 70), but it has not said that he is nobler than all other creatures. There is a difference between nobility and superiority over others. The Holy Quran did not say that man is the only living creature in the universe or that only animals have been born on earth, but it also mentioned other creatures or living creatures in the universe. (Al-Shuri: 29), He has not denied that they have neither authority nor will, nor are they unimportant to God. (Hud: 56) and the Qur’an has spoken about their existence, they have not given us any more information about them, but instead of ascribing them to a God who is beyond our understanding, it is better. It is said that how should we live in our earthly sphere to protect this place of settlement and also to preserve and evolve the blessing of our existence?

They should have asked these questions when there was no order and order in the universe, and there was no living creature anywhere else that God had set rules for, everything was so scattered, everything could have been created without rules, Nothing could be predicted, lawlessness and unprincipledness would have reached their peak. According to justice, you can ask why other universes are allowed to have any kind of unprincipledness, but we have locked them in the legal framework?

If this is not the case, but the opposite, then why do people ask these questions and what is the source of these questions? The creator who has created so many universes, all of them are important to him, he has organized them for survival, he has created man among them in such a way that both patterns of coercion and discretion are found in him, he is bound by the laws of nature, but He has authority over the principles he has made about social order and life. If he accepts it, it will make life better now and in the future. He is not concerned with danger and fear as much as his fellow human being, this is the result of opposing the principles that man carries out in the circle of his discretion, until then, man will be in the bad consequences of his wrong actions. He spends his life suffering and suffering because he has not turned to the instructions of his creator, he has not acted on them, and he has not harmonized his way of life with the universe.

llow his heart and his taste. He quit his job in the bank and devoted his life to poetry.

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