که یون دی یون دی

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Ball desert or black desert
Cannon is not only the name of a heavy weapon, which besides defense matters, in some countries and in some ceremonies, it is their tradition to shoot several bullets to show respect, but the name works in the form of cannon. It is a proud name, which can be found in connection with the independence of the British occupation. Shooting cannons one after the other in the same area, but in addition to the fact that cannon works in the country date back to the times before the reign of Ahmad Shah Baba, the cannon was not only a weapon to gain our independence, but also our The story is on the pages; In addition to pride, it encourages us to have a self-sufficient country. , on the side stands the ancient cannon carriage that was built in his military factory during the reign of Amirshir Ali Khan; As soon as the clock arrived at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, he called the citizens of Kabul to the table with his two voices. The places that benefited from such facilities at the time are named after the top balls.

The word “jump” is a Pashto word which means “quick run” or “quick run”. Jump) means that there is a quick arrival. In addition, during the time of Amir Sher Ali Khan, the language of the army was Pashto. Therefore, when the Afghans built heavy weapons during the time of Amir Sher Ali Khan, which is the basis of their structure. According to the burning of the gunpowder, the projectile was fired from his machine with a rapid speed, so this weapon was also called a jump or a quick-time weapon due to its structure and mechanics, but before that, a small sharp weapon. It was called a gun and when it became a ball it became a ball, so according to the above text its original form is a ball.

Top Desert, which people call Top Desert or Top Desert, both names are used for this area, which is surrounded by mountains and hills from the east and west, Sheikh Abad and Durani from the south and north respectively. The area is flat, or in other words, it is the dry Mesopotamia, which lies between the Chak and Qar rivers. There are villages with the names of Kodi, Hakim Khel, Moin Khel, Badi Khel, Old Khel and others, which are about three thousand people. People have, according to the people of the region, it is an ancient love of life. They make this claim according to a village called Nishke, which is located in the region, and in the latter, a number of public institutions such as the university and others have been established there.

This strategic area is an economic, commercial and arable area close to Kabul along the Kabul Ghazni highway. It is called the gateway of Kabul or the historical gateway. It is necessary for the construction of a central city. It is also in a good location in terms of water, with very few facilities. It also has suitable places for it, and in addition, green environment is also created in it.

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