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Ukraine’s membership in NATO and what will be the result?
As a result of the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia, Russian President Putin officially considered the four regions of Ukraine under Russian rule (Donetsk, Luhansk Kherson and Zaporizhia) to be part of Russia’s territory and sovereignty and made them part of Russia. He promised to grant citizenship, mentioning that after this, decisions will be implemented based on the laws of Russia in the mentioned areas.

Today, when Ukraine is involved in a major crisis, or is facing it, based on the evil goals of the United States, especially on the basis of the wrong plans and policies of the political leaders of Ukraine, Ukraine will face the demand for disintegration, and in fact, this is Ukraine with it. With this, the idea of imperialism will start to spread in the existence of powerful countries and they will attack and invade the backward countries in order to expand their political and physical territories. Lobo and Nandreo will face a great threat based on the fact that such interactions between the countries are considered elements of preparation for a great war; If the situation continues to worsen day by day, we may once again observe a bloody war on earth in the near or near future. Such a country has a neighbor, which has a special history of war with the United States; Russia is never ready for such political interactions and structures at the regional level in addition to its neighbor, on the basis of which the past history of war can be revived and it can be prepared for another big war with America.

Instead, if Ukraine had strengthened its military power and economic power, it should have improved its relations with Russia and formed an alliance with Russia. wow

After this, Russia will work as much as possible for its development, it will create obstacles for NATO members and it will use all kinds of measures to prevent the development of NATO. It is a great challenge and a danger, because the United States is a hegemonic power and what the United States wanted to do without any hindrance or delay, when the question of Ukraine’s membership was raised by NATO, Ukraine He also showed optimism, because the United States gave Ukraine all kinds of assurances, that is, the principle of NATO membership that an attack on a member country is considered an attack on all member countries. To engage with Russia. To become a member of NATO and enjoy its benefits, but all this ended against them (Ukraine).

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