1000 English Proverbs & Sayings

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Make yourself successful!
No one is born weak, we humans are successful in every field and have full strength.

Humans have two types of strength, the first is physical strength and the second is mental and intellectual strength. Whenever we use these two locally, we get good results, because the mind guides the body to work and the body parts do the same with full force.

If at any time our mind and thinking become weak or doubtful, then the physical strength of our body is weakened by more than half, because the mind provides the ground for the body to work. Humans always have full confidence and trust in themselves, and whenever we gain confidence in ourselves, our mind and thinking work in a healthy way.

One day the teacher wrote a question on the board and said that it is the most difficult question in the world and very few people know the answer, now you say who knows the answer?

All the students were silent, the same thing was going on in everyone’s mind that this is the most difficult question in the world, no one has solved it, so we will solve it.

At the end of the class, a student was sleeping, the teacher noticed him and angrily told him to come and solve this question.

The sleepy student came and solved the question after several mistakes. The teacher turned to all the students and called the other students to check, check.

Later it was found out that the question was easy, but the scared students could not solve it because the teacher had mentioned the most difficult question and kept the students’ minds busy, but the sleepy student solved it because he had not heard that it is the world’s most difficult question. The most difficult question.

I will wait a little more for better understanding in this section. A person wanted to open a burger shop, the shop was prepared to take profits. The man’s business was improving day by day, the next day he started a soup and kebab business along with burgers.

She was very happy with her business.

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