فتح القدوس

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فتح القدوس




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Misconceptions (old short story)

There was no place on the way to the pavilion. There were rubble and wood from buildings destroyed in last week’s fighting. Several government factions clashed with each other and several street buildings were razed to the ground.

The men lined up on the sidewalk with small household items such as pillows, pillows, rugs, an old TV, fan, two scenes, utensils and so on and shouted at people to buy them.

The traffic was light at this time of night, and a few people who had been out of their homes for two days were standing behind the man and looking at the sale.

There was also a ten- to eleven-year-old girl sitting on the floor, shivering and shivering in her face. He was trying to turn the tide on his feet. But the buyers were looking for Burston every moment.

No one had enough money to buy household goods. “Everyone was desperate for a dry meal.” But one and a half would ask more questions:
– What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ”
The man would answer.
– Brother whatever you want. Just pick it up!
– Man, how many scenes are there?

The man, who had high hopes, remained silent in answer to that question. Someone doing artwork and landscapes at this time! People didn’t have dry food, this guy would always joke and not take the scene!

The man looked at his dear daughter who was sitting on the bench and her eyes were red with tears.

An old man asked:
– Only pillows and cushions are for sale, if he … he …?
Many people standing there looked at the old man. The old man asked a question that others asked. But he did not dare.

All ears listened to what he heard. There was a disturbing silence. From time to time, shots could be heard from afar, behind the palace; But the people standing there were so busy that they did not pay attention to the firing!

The man looked at the buyer. He was as old as he was and looked very poor. As if he had not seen the face of the bread for two or three days. But he united a hundred hearts and said to the people:
– Everything you see here is for sale!

The man looked at his daughter again and slowly wiped away his tears.
Great silence spread. Many in the audience first looked at the ruins and then at the ruined buildings around them and then turned their eyes towards the palace where the sounds of machine guns could now be heard.

The man looked at the people in overwhelming silence and told them in his eyes that I was in dire need. I have sold a lot of household items in the last six months. I don’t have anything else, everything happens. But it does not happen with hunger. This three-month-old cat is not on fire in my house. You are like me and can’t afford anything.

At that moment, the man saw a young man with dry lips cracked in several places, staring at Jalili.

The man was a little happy and said in his heart that if God’s heart beats, I will take the sick woman to the doctor in the evening to take her medicine or else she will die in two-three days.

The man wiped his tears secretly and shouted:
– Buy it folks, it’s all about selling from here to there …
And he drew a line with his fingers, which also included jelly.
Two or three people cried first and then got out of the crowd.
The same young man who had targeted the man looked around and then, reluctantly and very slowly asked the question?
– How much is he? … he …!
The man said:
– What?
The young man looked at the people and said with great fear:
– He …!
And he pointed his finger at Burst and Jelly.
The man didn’t know what the young man wanted. Because she didn’t ask in a voice that was hiding behind her tears.
The young man replied with a little embarrassment and a lot of fear!
– He …!
Someone said Lahwalullah and moved on. Bill cursed the devil and smoked a cigarette. Two or three people looked at each other, first wiped away the tears and then left.
The man approached the young man and the two went into a corner.


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