شل لمونځونه

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شل لمونځونه


Eid Mohammad Mohammadi


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Dear Wadan

The lights lit up the city streets, surrounded by a large park, and in the middle of it, the rush of water made a man’s heart dance. I would stop here for a moment when I left work. Today I stayed a long time, something came to my mind, I looked at the clock, I was shocked, I took quick steps towards the bus stop.

Not far away, I opened my head in English. I looked at the arrival sign of the buses. I did it. I opened my backpack and saw a woman in the middle of the chair with her head on her knees and crying, her heart pounding with hunger. Then I said slowly:
I have two leftovers, one I will eat
The woman looked up at the apple and nodded back
I said:
It’s fresh in the morning when I go to work
The women did not say anything
A The strong wind blew all over the woman and she started crying
His head was bare, his clothes were thin and he wore knee-length jumpers. I said in a low voice:
Wear it if it gets cold
The woman raised her head and rolled her eyes.
He said:
Thank you so much! You are very nice person
I laughed and said:
We must help each other, hide the naked, lift the hungry and the downtrodden.
The woman stared at him, her eyes twinkling, and said in a sad voice:
I spent many nights in the bus stops, a lot of people passed by, no one listened, I just asked you to grow up, to be honest, I was impressed by the morals, the woman became silent and then asked a question.
If I’m not mistaken, I look like a Muslim
I smiled and said
Praise be to Allaah. I am a Muslim
The women came out, their color very red like the English.
He was not inclined towards whiteness, he was fluent in English, although he had a frown on his face, but it seemed that he was already a good young man. I looked at the sign. to say
I don’t see the place.
The women laughed
You are right, I am Spanish, I came here to England when I was eighteen.
I looked at the woman, something came to my mind, I asked
Were your parents with you?
The woman’s face turned pale, and for a moment she spoke
No! When I was a girl, my parents told me you can take care of yourself now. I cried. I left home. I came here. I started working in a restaurant, time passed, one day the owner of the restaurant proposed marriage to me even though a woman older than me had died but I also accepted that we got married God gave me a son, condition We got better. We bought another restaurant. Time passed. My husband’s attitude towards me got worse. Later I found out that he liked another girl. He got married to her. We have everything, but I am looking for a light that gives me the status of a woman, they use us as animals and drive us away.
I sleep at the bus stop every night to find the light I go home to sleep during the day
I looked at the woman and saw a gleam on her face
I said slowly:
The story of your life was full of problems. I was heartbroken. I raised my hand to my ear and just stood there
The women came out laughing

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He said:
I found a trace of light
I got on the bus and raised my hand, God willing.
Months passed, I would come and go as before. One night I was standing at the bus stop. Someone called.
I looked at him in amazement and recognized him. This time the situation had changed.

I haven’t been here since I met you. I went and read the Quran. I felt happy, I found the light that is not animalistic to a woman. Given the degree of humanity, then I went to the mosque I accepted the blessed religion of Islam, thank you, your morals, was a glimpse of this light!

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