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Sultan Bashkhel Afridi


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Critical theory
Younis Tanvir

I don’t think there are many reasons for this question. And we find the answer (why do poetry?). Some friends think that poetry is a tasteful act. And this, of course, is a creation of human nature, so what should we do? Find the answer to the question? And it is true that poetry is a natural creation. And natural creation has no answer as to why. Now it is important to pay attention to a number of principles for this natural creation. These principles are so important in the identification of creation that we must examine them carefully.

Why, as far as the creation of the universe is concerned, it is mostly a matter of essence. And critical review is the essence of this discussion and research. So we’re talking about literary criticism, and more importantly, what kind of criticism do we have, what kind of creativity do we face? And three things must be considered in literary creation. Is a word. The second meaning is. And the third is elegance and beauty.

Linguists have shown that words and meanings are not transcendent. He is such that the word is destined to bring meaning. And the shape of the word is formed to express the meaning. For both of them, the letters are made. It is a fact that they cannot be compared to each other. Why do researchers have the idea that they both have specific concepts in the study? That is, they can both be studied separately. In a nutshell, the word is musically pleasing, eloquent, meaningful, and in harmony with other words. And meaning in terms of elegance and beauty: imaginative, observational, psychological, unusual. And a careful examination of the precision and elegance of both.

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Some friends will think that bringing the subject matter of the poem would be meaningful. But that doesn’t make sense. ” Because the meaning is productive. So what is the purpose of this product?

This style of presentation has a third meaning. For example: I go home. That is, there is only one purpose, which is the concept and knowledge of going home. Why poetry has a purpose other than such a form. This is what is called meaning creation. Meaning is literally a kind of healthy form of letters. Why Mana is a poetic expression of purpose. And poetic expression is based on imagination. In the separation of rhetorical sciences, meaning is mostly the knowledge of the structure of this meaning.

According to lexicographers, each word is assigned a meaning, which can be called a hypothetical meaning. Why don’t poets just stay with the hypothesis? Rather it has given a new color and flavor to the assumed words. According to the Iranians, the Arabic-speaking poets invented words that would change the meaning of words. And he said, “The word does not make sense, but the forbidden word does.”

Most historical narrations prove that imagination is a unit of meaning, that is, poetic meaning is largely based on imagination. Our critical process has not yet proved that meaning in poetry determines its own words.

The more Urdu-speaking poets pay attention to this, the deeper they go. And this meaning is considered to be the manifestation of the psychological state of man. The meaning of Moeed Rashidi’s speech is: “Poetry is the inner mirror of man, in which the spiritual forms of man can be studied.”

In the current process of Pashto poetry, there are some poets, on whom we can give a very big name and symbol. Why are so many of our critics, especially university professors, saying that Kazim Khan Sheida is the grandson or son of Ashraf Khan Hijri? According to some arguments, if the current process of Pashto poetry is studied, such obscure meanings will come to light.

Sayyid Shah Saud does not say that the sun has risen. That is a common fact, why! It says: Do not let your eyes glaze over to light. That is to say, it is one of the best dreams of Saud. Which has a poetic structure.

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