د فروید ارواپوهنه

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د فروید ارواپوهنه


Calvin S. Hall


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Criticism of a contemptible girl

Maher Ehsanzi

Society and Panjgar have been ruined from the beginning till now. From ancient Greece to literature, literature and the idea of ​​the life of literature have been discussed.

Apparently shouting gave me a mouthful

I posted a post on Facebook saying:

I wish I was Malik’s daughter

I’ll put the layer on top of the conato

We’ll talk about this later, but some friends came to Messenger, some said in the comments that this is a post from the literature and some even wrote that Eddie has been hacked.

I don’t blame them, we live in a society where poetry is dominated by discipline and thought. Poetry is not here to provoke the feelings of others, to express your feelings or to focus on these for a few moments, but here poetry is to show you the work, to give you advice, to explain to you the swords and challenges of fathers and grandfathers. .

In the above summary, which gives a clear picture of Pashtun culture, we may find it in very few poems. In short, there is a dream, a wonder, an indirect criticism of God’s creation, of why I am poor, why I am hurt by others, why I am isolated, or of meeting with others. I am not qualified ???

Here the language would have fallen short of the standard of everyday conversation, but in the heavy waves of despair there was no other way for Lahore’s aspirations and the ongoing oppression of society.

Tapa tells me, as a human being, I am not worthy of anyone hating me and not hating me because I am not the daughter of Malik. In our surrounding life, Malik and Mullah are the two figures who were associated with the good and evil of the village. There was a hawk, and his room was ruined.

Here, because Jenny considers herself the daughter of Malik, who would have been of the same age, would have been appreciated, would have been the daughter of Juno, because the matter is all about the country and that is why no one eats onions in the mouth of a poor man. .

Why lay in the second half of the short?

In the Pashtun environment, the shawl, the veil and the scarf are symbols of the girl’s modesty.

This book explains the Pashtun culture of the wounded and tells me a book about the modesty and greatness of the Pashtun people, but the other most important thing is that the Pashtun, even if he carries his sister and daughter at home. There are families who have broken it all, all these traditions are meaningless to them but they still turn a blind eye. The daughter and sister of a poor man should not mistakenly put a scarf on their neck which is called obscenity and if they do so, other families forbid their sisters and brothers from sitting and walking with them but the daughter of Nawab and Malik It doesn’t matter if the coat hangs on the conato.

In this verse, the surrounding life of the Pashtuns has been criticized for the arrogance and domination of the Nawabs, Malikas and elites and has emphasized on the equality of human beings. Sister Sahib is another poor ?!

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In terms of poetic definitions, it is easy to see that neither the country, nor the country, nor the (daughter) came here for the sake of the jinn, but rather the ruling class was severely criticized, whether worthy or not, but the ruling class. Be in touch with it, turn a blind eye and even if it breaks any social norms, don’t stay in the story because decisions have to be made from home.

Think of a young man in your neighborhood who is well educated, adheres to religious principles, has no qualms in doing good deeds in the village but has no connection with anyone in the district, province or ministry. His father is a farmer, his son and daughter are well off, but his other peer is not very good at teaching, nor is anyone in the village happy. He fails every test and his peers get a good position, what can he say?

Poetry, which is a proper way of indirect speech and explores the heart, is a poor but talented young man who looks at the deviations of his peers’ behavior, talents and principles in the village, but is unable to face them. I wish I was the son of a planned district governor, commander, director and so on.

I wish I was Malik’s daughter

The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets

Let us talk briefly about the above short but it is also important to remember that Pashto language is rich in all respects due to these shorts The big downside is that we have been deprived of the most important part of our lives – emotions, frustrations, desires.

Of course, it is not uncommon for people to be tempted to say:

The power of the white mouth gave me

Do not rub your hands on the knots


Whatever he did, he did well

The more I sleep, the more I fall asleep

Because it has been handed down so much that it has gone unnoticed due to repetition, but in fact the existing mental revolt of the society has taken place here and has brought the bed talk to the mill.

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