کليله او دمنه

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کليله او دمنه






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Ghazi M Bawar

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What do we hide from other eyes?
The things that we hide from other people’s eyes are our real personality.

Some people are concerned about this; That we do any kind of secret in front of other eyes! The appearance/acting in the society in such a way that we show the best – the greatest personality, the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said:
“Human beings are the worst characters among people in two respects”

Never judge the goodness or badness of a person by his appearance. Some are outwardly pure, some are inwardly pure, and some are both outwardly and inwardly pure. The external and internal status should be respected from the heart and not from the mouth.

I say:
“No matter how educated some people are, they are illiterate, that is, they are uneducated if they do not know two things.” These people always try to know the hidden secrets of the people and reveal them to other people, and then they feel sad on the surface, but inwardly, they feel very happy. Humans are like the pages of a book, the more you understand the truth and the origin, the more they will diagnose it by finding other pages, so that you can understand the main meaning of this book, what is the main purpose of this book, because even two-faced people. Like the pages of the book, which are always in a state of change and never stay in one state, like the characteristic of flattery.

2- Hindara is my closest friend, because she laughs when I cry;
It is difficult to know a person: We have often heard that it is difficult to know a person, or in other words, those who have not lived together with a person or have not been friends with them on a journey, that person’s origin, personality. And it cannot be understood. That will be right or wrong.?

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