د ژوند درسونه

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د ژوند درسونه






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Afzal M Waqar

Afzal M Waqar

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Help the oppressor; but how?
There is a Pashto translation of Hadith Sharif, that oppression will be black and dark on the Day of Resurrection.
That is why those who have the intention of oppression and aggression are always called people suffering from the wrath of the Holy Lord and nothing good is expected from them.

The blessed religion of Islam has instructed to help, reach out and support the oppressed, therefore helping the oppressed is to save him from the oppression of the oppressor, helping the oppressed is to support and help him. Stand firm and upright against the oppression of the oppressor.

Similarly, some kind of help to the oppressor is also necessary, that help should be to give the thought and spirit of not doing injustice, so that oppression and oppression in the society can be prevented. This action leads to the fact that by giving your best mentality and spirit, the oppressed can be saved from the oppressor and the heart of the oppressor can be turned away from him.

Our and your responsibility to the society is not to oppress one another and to prevent others from oppressing.

If someone in the community was unjust; Therefore, the Imam of the village mosque, the wise men, the white men and the leaders should strictly prevent the oppression of the oppressor and also gradually give the mindset and awareness of not oppressing the oppressor and pointing out the bad consequences.

If we think about it, in our society and in your society, there is some kind of oppression every day and we sit hand in hand with it. Every citizen in the society should understand and recognize their responsibility; It is not far that our society will move forward towards reform.


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