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The cause of conflict in the light of social psychology
Atiqullah Hamidi

Social psychologist Muzaffar Sharif conducted an experiment to find the cause of mass conflicts. Eight children, ages twelve and thirteen, came to his summer camp. They belonged to one type of family, not the rich and the poor, but the average economic status of all families. They did not know each other before and split into two camps in a park in Oklahoma City.

In the first phase of the experiment he was introduced to members of both groups for a week. They were provided with climbing, shooting and other games. One group named their group “Baz” and the other group “Mar” and separated their group’s flags and clothing type.

The second round of next week’s experiment was the stage of their competition and in this stage there were rope pulling and baseball-like games in which they had to beat the opposing side. During the games the attitudes of both groups worsened with each other. They would shout at each other and the screams eventually turned into insults. Not only that, but then it happened that the eagle flew the snake’s flag. The Mar group destroyed the Baz group camp in retaliation the next day. They made the beds dry and took some things with them. In a matter of days, things got to the point where a third party finally broke up.

He separated them for two days to cool his anger. He then sought feedback from both groups on the five members. Each group would praise its members and speak ill of the other

The experiment has since taken place in various locations. In Beirut, for example, Lotfi Ziab formed two groups in such an experiment. The red and blue group consisted of five Christians and four Muslims. Looking at the situation in Beirut, it turned out exactly as expected. The games between the two teams soon turned into feuds. But these conflicts were not between Muslims and Christians, but between red and green teams.

Many countries in the world hate each other. But at the top are Armenia and Azerbaijan. If you don’t know these two countries; So you may not understand why they hate each other. At one point in history, they have remained citizens of one country. Find out how much they hate each other with the following stories

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