مایکروسافټ وینډوز

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Ways to live a better life / Author: Brian
Think life is a game. The principle of this game is to keep five balls at one point in the air and prevent them from falling to the ground.

Some of these balls are made of plastic and others are made of glass. It is clear that if the plastic ball falls on the ground; So there is a possibility of going up in the air again; But these other four do not rise again after falling to the ground and are perishable.

These four balls are: family, health, friends and yourself.

The plastic ball is the same job, don’t give priority to the results, because there are always jobs for the businessman; But lost friends can not be regained. A family once broken cannot be reunited, lost health cannot be regained and a broken heart cannot find peace.

In order to have a comfortable social life, consider the following points:

1- Apologize to people before making them wait and do it cheerfully

2- Choose your favorite poem!

3- Don’t believe everything you hear! Don’t spend all your wealth! And don’t worry as much as you want!

4- When you say you are dear to someone; So be honest!

5- When you say I’m sorry, pay attention to the other side in your eyes!

6- Get engaged at least six months before getting married!

7- Believe in love first!

8- Never laugh at someone else’s face!

9- Be fond of love, you may suffer; But this is the only successful way to live.

10 In disputes, without saying (showing) people’s names, fight fairly!

11- Don’t judge people about their friends!

12- Think clearly and speak slowly!

13- When you are asked and you don’t want to answer, smile and ask: Why do you want to know?

14- Remember that great love and great success also have great risks.

15- Stay in touch with your mother!

16- When someone coughs; So say to him: Be sorry.

17- When you eat me; So the lessons you teach me and forget!

18-Remember three things: respect yourself, respect others, and take responsibility for all the things you do.

19- Don’t let a small debate (verbal) dispute make a big friend dream!

20- When you notice your mistake, try to correct it immediately!

21- When picking up the phone; So put a smile on your lips, the other side will hear your voice of happiness.

22- Marry a woman or man who loves to talk. When our love and relationship goes deep; Therefore, our communication skills also increase and our assembly becomes more important.

23- Spend some time in solitude!

24- Open your arms to change, but not so wide that you question your values.

25- Remember that sometimes silence is the best answer.

26- Study a lot and watch less press!

it is not fulfilled, then a bitter feeling arises in the heart and mind of that person, which is called disappointment.



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