د یوویشتمې پیړۍ امیرالمؤمینین

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د یوویشتمې پیړۍ امیرالمؤمینین


Asif Jaman


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Feelings and sexual relations Najeeb Ahmed Azizi
Everything that has been found has its own special wisdom, only perfume is accepted for the sense of smell or smell, but in the sexual world, the sense of smell, especially the smell of sweat, is important to increase the attraction of men and women and to strengthen this relationship. has a role. Another thing in this aspect is that the smell of the body turns the sexual relationship between a man and a woman into permanent attraction, love, but if the atmosphere of a couple’s sexual life is destroyed, it is the smell of the body and sweat, maybe their sexual life. Someday it will disappear.

Some couples become so familiar with each other’s body odor that it has a good effect on their sexual instincts and strength. Although this topic has been pushed to the margins, a husband/wife does not say out of respect or shame to the other; But homelessness turns into a great torment for him, instead he reaches a false orgasm, after ejaculation he is removed with a secret mouth like a snake. It is useful to pay attention to this issue in a joint life, although in some societies before marriage, the attention to this issue is completely unknown to each other, especially in terms of physical characteristics. The sexual world deteriorates from this point of view.

The strength of the sense of smell is greater than that of men and women, they show sensitivity to any smell, but some men who have a strong sense of smell, have the same sexual desire as other men who have a weak sense of smell. If there is more, such a man may do housework every two days. Some foods have a direct effect on the smell of the body and sweat, for example, if you eat too much sugar, fat, and also eat more meat, it will have a bad effect on the natural taste of the body. Smelly material comes out that is not only dirty, but also smells very bad; Therefore, from the point of view of health, if there is a decrease in these foods, one of the benefits will be to prevent other diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Rasha also has an effect on darsha, because the smell of the body and sweat can cause hatred of others. Instead of these foods, watery fruits, which are rich in vitamins, should be added to the daily diet.

Although there is a natural relationship between the opposite sex and sexual desire, a woman’s voice, movements, organs, body odor and skin color have a strong relationship with a man’s love and sexual attraction. Tends to vowels, double voice, strong members; Of course, the relationship with the smell of the body increases when the body gets used to that smell and calms down with it. The magnetic attraction of man and woman is significant, a woman naturally needs a man’s body and a man a woman’s body; The smell of sweat is considered bad in terms of decency in the society, but it is very important in the sexual life of men and women. Desire and love against her.

It has been confirmed on the basis of research that those whose senses are weak, their sexual feelings and tendencies are hindered, they are less inclined to have sexual relations, as well as those whose senses have been damaged in an incident. And, their sexual inclinations were reduced at the same level, the weakness of the sense of shame leads to problems in the field of human problems and social relations, especially their sexual life is hindered.

In this regard, the research says that the men who were successful in sexual relations, had a strong sense of humor and experienced the longest orgasm from each intercourse. The sense of smell has a beneficial effect on health in addition to sexual life, as well as on men, secretions from a woman’s genitals or vagina, her mouth, sperm smell enriches the sexual relationship for men and women. You are more attractive and more motivated.



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