تهیه او تدارکات

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تهیه او تدارکات






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False Assumptions (former short story)
The men lined up small household items such as blankets, pillows, beds, an old TV, a stove, two landscapes, dishes and such things on the edge of the dump and shouted at people to buy them.

There was little traffic on Dambar and several people, who had left their homes due to the two-day drought, stood behind this man and looked at the items for sale.

A ten-eleven-year-old girl was also sitting next to the stairs, who was cold and shivering in her clothes. He was trying to move the brick with his feet; But the receivers were kicking every moment.

Who did not have enough money to buy household goods. All were tempted by dry bread; But he asked a lot of questions:
– How much is this red heart?
The man would reply.
– As many as you want bro. Just pick it up!
– Man, how many are these landscapes?

The man, who had very high hopes, remained silent in response to this question. Who was doing artworks and landscapes at this time! People didn’t have dry food, this guy keeps joking and doesn’t take pictures!

The man looked at his beloved daughter who was sitting there on the couch and her eyes were red with tears.

A white man asked:
– Only pillows and cushions are for sale, if he…he…?
Many standing people looked at the white man. The white man asked a question that others also asked; But he did not dare.

Everyone strained their ears to hear something. There was an agonizing silence. Sometimes, from afar, from the back and side of the arg, the sounds of gunfire were heard; But the bystanders were so busy that they did not pay attention to the shooting!

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