دتحول او تداوم منشور

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دتحول او تداوم منشور


M Ashraf Ghani




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False Assumptions (former short story)

The man looked at the receiver. He was an old man like him and looked very tired. As if he had not seen food for two or three days; But he united a hundred hearts and said to the people:
– Everything you see here is for sale!

The man looked at his daughter again and slowly wiped away his tears.
There was a great silence. Many of the attendees first looked at the fire and then at the destroyed buildings behind them and then they turned their eyes towards the Arg, where the sounds of machine guns were also coming from it.

The man looked at the people in forced silence and told them in his eyes that he was in great need. I have sold many household items in the last six months. I don’t have anything else, it happens with everything; But it does not happen with hunger. My house has not been on fire for three months. You are like me and can’t afford anything.

At that time, the man saw that a young man, whose dry lips had exploded in several places, was going to burn.

The man was a little happy and said in his heart that if God’s heart is open, I will take the sick woman to the doctor in the evening to get medicine for her, otherwise she will die in two or three days.

The man then wiped his tears secretly and said softly:
– Take it people, everything is for sale from here to there…
And he made a line with his fingers that included the fire.
Two or three people heard the first cry and then left the crowd.
The young man who was targeted by the man, looked back and forth and then, reluctantly and very slowly, asked?
– How old is she? … he …!
The man said:
– What?
The young man looked at the people and said with great fear:
– That…!
And he pointed his finger towards the fire.
The man did not know what the young man wanted? Because he asked in such a voice that his crying was hidden behind him.
The young man responded with a little shame and a lot of fear!
– He…!
Someone said Lahul Wala and left. Bill cursed the devil and gave the cigar a poke. Two or three people looked at each other, first dried their tears and then left.
The man ran up to the young man and the two went into a fight.

It was evening when the man came home. The house was dark and half collapsed. The elder daughter was breaking the khas in the yard; But when he saw his father; She screamed and ran to the room.

yes. She was lonely today and lost her sweet sister!!
The man stopped in the yard; Because he did not have the courage to listen to many cries.
Mother and daughter were crying in the room. The men were also crying in the yard. There was no other way. that when grief becomes heavy; So cry so that your heart is lightened.
He also bought a few cigarettes today. He stopped further in the yard and filled the tenth cigarette.

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