Design of Bridge Structures

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Design of Bridge Structures






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But; Vacancies are not filled with criticism
For many years, the regimes have been coming here with the help of the people, but when they come, the same hand twists, attacks them and ties them back, and they put more force on it, so that the people can only open that hand to free the entire existence. Efforts begin and in the end, the system is not established and the people are not happy!

On the other hand, people don’t get out of their own way. It is an ancient habit of humans to be curious, to be interested in each other’s work, to reveal each other’s faults, and simply to find problems in each other and then to solve those problems. It has been used as a tool… But here again the story is even more serious. There is only one thing for the people against any system. What can the people do? Find the gaps in the system and then fill those gaps with your criticisms, but the gaps will not be filled and the criticisms will not end. He fills his hands, pours the salt of his criticisms.. They make problems out of flaws, problems become problems and disasters arise from problems, but people do not go beyond their curiosity, until the system has thrown them away and they themselves. Do not throw!

But why and when do people get into the bad habit of looking for space?
Negative mindsets do not want to be created and trained like positive ones, they are already born in human beings, it is enough to correct the way for their multiplication and increase! And this is what the systems do here. As long as the public does not give him a headache, he considers his requests serious and pays attention to them.

But the gaps are not filled with criticism and the people do not adopt a complex attitude!
The solution is to see the people as a tool of state formation, to listen to them and to value them because the rule and foundation of governments are the people and before they become a headache for the systems, they should cure the headache. On the other hand, the systems should not be considered alien, the good should not be ignored and the bad should not be turned away, and (whatever) they should not be dealt with, they should only be criticized from time to time and the mouth should remain silent. Straps and hand to chin!

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