د سرکونو مواد(اول ټوک)

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د سرکونو مواد(اول ټوک)


Hamidullah Sediqi


430 Pages




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Afzal M Waqar

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He is afraid of his mental distress
Translation: Love

Renowned psychologist Dr. Alex Karl says: “Ke kilimin mahulu khole te luidli wal”
It can be seen that many people are troubled by their sadness, if we think a little, then it becomes clear that there are many desires in these sadness, which can be easily crushed by our little attention, because it is artificial. His sadness is not based on strong feelings, there are many artificial depressions, and he is an excuse for stomach problems.
Now that you are in the United States, there is a meeting of the association of the head of the Lion Shakan Kisekom, he expressed this case in his own language:
“Fifteen heads of the work schedule, he sat down for half a day in every work, and he discussed what we should do and what we shouldn’t do?” A lot of time has been wasted for our discussions, he sat down and sat down without any results, he was not happy. I think that there are other ways besides this. After a long time, I searched for my imperfect thought. I am very happy with his operation, my health condition has improved a lot, thanks to this medicine, we have benefited a lot. The result was that during the meeting, the participants asked their friends, “What is wrong with us at the end of this session?” Everyone is asking the same question, what should we do in the future? ”
Whenever I come across any issue, I will put these principles in front of you.
1: The first question asked what happened?
We have never tried to understand this expert.
Now that I remember the past time, my soul is sad, why did I waste my precious time so much?
2: The second question is, what is the cause of the issue?
What’s the matter? Come to the hair, after the solution, you can present the solution.
3: The third question is, what is the solution?
Previously, only one person proposed to solve the problem, and the participants discussed it, everyone had different opinions, so much so that the main issue remained, and we went to the middle of the discussion.
4: The fourth question is, what do you think is the best solution?
We have already discussed the issue of how to solve the problem. He pointed out the good of this work, his opinion is against him, but he does not talk to him.


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