د خرڅلاو ځواکمنې لارې چارې

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د خرڅلاو ځواکمنې لارې چارې


Hassan Qali Zada


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It’s been a few years since I’ve lived in London, London is a beautiful and historic city. If this city had once ruled almost the whole world, it would not have lost its power and fame.

No matter how close this may sound, I have heard from many people that even American foreign policy is governed by this historic city. It will be about the street and the market, but often the street and the market will be closer to reality.

From the day I drove the taxi here, I have met many people, from famous singers, politicians, businessmen, actors, and others. They took me in their taxi and had a good time.

In the past, we used to gather all our conversations on a daily basis, but now we have found a political path to all our conversations and conversations. Many of my fans who know, I am Afghan and I am from Afghanistan, ask me amazing questions about Afghanistan, its history, geography, folklore and culture:

How do you compare the US military presence with the Russian invasion?

How popular is Hamid Karzai among Afghans?

How long will the US and NATO stay in Afghanistan?

When will the opium poppy crop stop?

Women’s rights, warlords, the Taliban, our neighbors and their interference in our internal affairs are also the main topics of our conversations. They always share with me the list and contents of books that have been published in Afghanistan. Not only do I enjoy their conversations and conversations, I also learn from them.

I have seen many people here who are dissatisfied with the presence of their troops in our country and who have called the presence of their troops in the interest of us and the stability of the world.

We sometimes have serious arguments and disagreements, but they never end in conflict.

I am very fond of music. Not only do they pay attention and nurture the soul in their national songs, but they also connect people with their past and their country in a foreign country. That’s why I always leave the car type or radio switch and listen to songs.

I really like the national anthem, but I also like the idea of ​​superheroes. In addition to my English CD, there is no shortage of French, Italian, Spanish and Indian CDs in my car. Whenever I get in the car with an outsider, I bring their favorite CD.

But a few days ago I had a strange joke, I just listened to my national anthems and did not pay any attention to the nature of the sparrow. Olmert sang:

This is our father’s homeland

This is our grandfather’s homeland

It is very hard on us

This is Afghanistan

I listen to this song a lot, because my father listened to it a lot. This song reminds me of my father and takes me home.

The song wasn’t even halfway through when the passenger in the car (George) jumped up and down in the seat, smiled bitterly; He got up from his chair, stepped forward, and asked a few questions in one breath.

What international disco did it launch? What language is this? It seems a little familiar to me.

Without waiting for my response, he exclaimed to himself:

ـ Pashto!

I shook my head in affirmation as I watched all his movements in the mirror.

Yes, Pashto!

In order to fully open my head to everything, I introduced myself manually:

I am Afghan and Pashtun. 3

George looked down like a criminal officer, now God forbid, he started asking questions:

From which part of Afghanistan? 3

I laughed, as I challenged his familiarity with Afghanistan or took a mental test of it, jokingly asking:

If Afghanistan has really seen you, think of me? 3

George’s forehead twitched, he stared at me even more, he raised his hand:

If you look at me a little, can I tell you where you are from in Afghanistan? 3

I first looked in my mirror, then at George.

George came even closer, his green eyes gleaming white in front of his face, you would say I draw a picture, he stared at me even more:

Ah, I think it’s from Helmand. 3


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