نړیوالي اړیکي

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نړیوالي اړیکي


pohanwal Mangal Sherzad


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Ghazi M Bawar

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How to work and fight for peace?
Noor Mohammad Ghafouri

The issue of peace and war in Afghanistan is the life and death of the country. In the current situation, Afghans are in such a deep and comprehensive crisis that even seriously raises the question of the existence or non-existence of Afghanistan on the planet. In such a situation, war, under any pretext and name, continues, to the detriment of the nation and peace, even if it is temporary and negative, prevents the deepening of the crisis and the creation of social divisions to a certain extent, for the benefit of the people and to pave the way for lasting peace. Positive is useful.

A year ago, I wrote an article on this subject entitled “How to work and fight for peace?” And the positions, guidelines and analytical content are carefully considered:

(Newly formed Political Committee) to lead the joint activities of six parties and political organizations, in the Eid message on the occasion of Eid al-Adha 2020, while giving Eid greetings to explain his position on some important political and social points of the country, including The issue of securing peace has been addressed. This message, in the same way that it was widely welcomed and loved by the people and intellectuals, was critically analyzed and questions were raised about it by intelligent and meticulous fighters. One of these questions is about our efforts and plans for peace. As it turns out, some theorists have commented on this issue. In turn, I would like to comment below on asking questions about peace and how to work for peace.

Our comrades and friends must bear in mind that the (Political Committee of Unity) is a newly established institution to lead and advance the process of unification of six parties and political organizations until the creation of a strong, nationwide and influential political party at the national level and is based on action plan. Temporarily regulates its activities.

It is obvious to everyone that the long-term proxy wars will rob our dear country of its material and spiritual existence. Ending the 40-year war and ensuring peace and security in the country is undoubtedly the necessity of the first Afghan society in the current situation. That is why most Afghan politicians use the name of peace in the first place to attract the masses of people.

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But it must be borne in mind that there are many times when, under the guise of an acceptable and high-quality claim, undesirable goals, even harmful to nations, are pursued. For example, the British annexed the vast country of India on the eve of independence under the guise of granting freedom to war and consequently disintegration, and spread Pakistan and later Bangladesh in the geography of the First World. As under the name of the government of national unity in Afghanistan, in fact, a government of national hypocrisy was created for Afghanistan. Regarding the effectiveness of the current national reconciliation government, the illegitimate and unelected government that emerged as a result of the Memorandum of Understanding on the division of political power between the two powerful groups of the previous national unity government, which violated the constitution and looked at the situation in crisis.

Now that the peace agreement for Afghanistan has been signed between the United States and the Taliban, the Afghan people are no doubt calling for lasting peace in Afghanistan, but at the same time the opposition and resistance of the Republican government to the mistakes and failure to successfully implement the US peace agreement with the Taliban. Afghanistan, on the other hand, has concerns and questions about the ongoing war and violence in the country, which should be taken seriously given its historical experiences.

(Political Unity Committee), which was formed as a result of announcing the unity of six political parties and institutions in the middle of this year (Cancer Tower) and has achieved good successes in the intellectual and organizational unity of national, democratic and progressive forces, from the peace process in Afghanistan strongly supports it. As he noted in his congratulatory message on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, “he strives to ensure real, dignified, just, universal and lasting peace in the country as soon as possible.”

From the above-mentioned sentence in the Eid message of the Political Committee of Unity, it can be seen that:

We are for real peace, not behind the good declarations of peace are the plans to organize and strengthen the extra-legal system, dictatorship, medieval order, captivity of our people and nation. We call for a broad common people and nation that creates freedom, unity, unity and national and political reconciliation in the true sense of the word for all Afghans.

We stand for a dignified peace in a country where the self-respect and freedom of individuals, the independence and democratic and progressive achievements of the people, and the national and historical honors of Afghanistan are protected. Peace in which the individual and collective civil liberties of individuals are not guaranteed in accordance with the constitution and other by-laws and does not open the way to social justice between small and large Afghan groups will be temporary and unsustainable. Without the provision of social justice and the basic and civil liberties of individuals, lasting peace is impossible!

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