مدیریت عمومی

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مدیریت عمومی






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Reduce fear, embrace success!
Fear, lack of courage, fear is that bad feeling (feeling), which brings a big obstacle and delay to our life and work. From our works; It keeps you behind and doesn’t let you go forward and move, which is not only unacceptable; But it is sad and painful.

While speaking, our mouth closes with fear. The first enemy of success is fear. Fear takes away the chances of success. Fear makes life miserable. We have fear, it hides our abilities. Fear multiplies our self-confidence by zero. When you are afraid, you also suffer from heart disease. Example:

can i talk May I ask? Shall I say hello? Join a group of people? Can I come up to talk? Can I explain the topic? All these symptoms are signs of heartlessness, which is based on fear, fear and lack of courage.

The place of happiness is that the fear can be reduced, its level can be reduced, so that no one will feel the presence of your fear during the conversation.

I am afraid, how can I control it?
There is no debate, why am I afraid? Everyone knows why he is less courageous? Why don’t you believe in yourself? All causes have family roots. Not giving time to children in childhood, not listening to the conversation…?

To reduce the level of fear; First, it must be accepted that all humans are afraid, fear exists and fear cannot be completely eliminated; But the level-percentage can go down. Once the fear is acknowledged, its level can be easily reduced.

“Action kills fear.”
When you run away from fear, you leave the field full of fear and run after it. The best way is to take action against the fear and give the fear a run. Kick them off your feet. In one place, the opportunity to talk is the best opportunity, don’t miss it.

Many articles and books have been written about fear, which are only raw materials. It turns into solid material, that you actually take action against the fear, which articles and books in this field can only show you the style and strategy of action; But fear cannot be controlled without action, that is, you are the only one who can reduce fear, no one can help you reduce fear, it requires personal planning and action.

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