دایکسل فارمولې

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Ghazi M Bawar

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When is pregnancy less likely while breastfeeding?
Although breastfeeding reduces the chance of pregnancy, it is not 100%.

Mothers who do not breastfeed the child and give pacifiers or other food, it is possible to get pregnant ten weeks after giving birth, but this process is also different in women.

Some mothers may be pregnant from six weeks to a year after giving birth. But those mothers who breastfeed their children get pregnant late. Another important benefit of breastfeeding is that it also prevents breast cancer. It is more likely.

Most mothers may not become pregnant during the entire period they breastfeed, but 10% of women who breastfeed start ovulating after 10 weeks, and 50% of women do so after 6 months. Her eggs become active and her chances of getting pregnant increase. But it is also possible that the mother is not pregnant the whole time she is breastfeeding.

Some mothers who think that they will breastfeed their child and will not take another pregnancy are not careful in their relationship. If children come into the world in a short time and a short distance, they cause two big losses. One is that the possibility of damage to the child’s health is high and it is not well nourished, it is difficult to train and take care of it, and the other is that it has bad effects on the health of the mother and the physical strength of the mother is weakened.



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