اصلي پيري مریدي څه شی ده؟

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اصلي پيري مریدي څه شی ده؟




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Afghan girls’ lives and the help of the international community / Maryam Ali Khan
Despite the 15-year aid and emphasis of the international community regarding the improvement of the condition of Afghan women, living conditions for girls in Afghanistan have become more expensive than in previous years. Lack of security in all parts of the country, symbolic behavior in government institutions regarding women’s legal issues, non-enforcement of the law on criminals, low level of awareness about girls’ rights in remote areas and family violence. Giving preference to boys over girls are the reasons that have made it difficult for Afghan girls to progress and make their lives difficult. Last week (Oct 11) International Girl’s Day in Kabul, which was set 5 years ago by the United Nations to draw the attention of the world in order to respect the rights of girls and bring about positive changes in their situation. It was celebrated that the living conditions for girls in the country have become difficult since last year. Girls in different parts of the world are facing many problems due to social, cultural, religious and other factors. Afghanistan is also one of the There are countries where many girls are deprived of their basic and basic rights. With the collapse of the Taliban regime in 2001 and the arrival of the international community, along with the country’s security, economy and development, girls’ basic rights Access to rights was an important issue that had a positive effect on the development of girls to a large extent, but with the passage of time, due to the deterioration of the security situation and the weakening of the family’s economy, the progress of girls in academic and social fields has been hampered. It was limited to only a few central cities and that’s it. Afghanistan is an Islamic country and the rights of girls are clearly stated in Islam. However, culture is given priority in some issues, such as in many parts of the country, according to the culture, it is considered challenging to give a girl a share in the inheritance, and if someone requests it, the whole family turns away from it and their relationships. Therefore, if a girl is in a very difficult financial situation, she still does not dare to ask her family for her rights.

An American-based website (International Women’s Travel Center), according to an assessment that it conducted in 2015 under the name (10 worst countries for women in 2015), writes: “In Afghanistan, more than half Many girls get married at the age of 16 or younger, and then they face severe problems in handling life affairs and giving birth. Marrying underage girls, giving them away in bad, selling them for money in some parts of the country, not having access to education, choosing the way of the future, not choosing a life partner on their own, in ways Bullying in the streets is one of the problems that Afghan girls face. Another serious issue is the abduction of girls from work and school by human mafia and illegal armed groups, their sale inside and outside the country for sexual purposes, forced marriage or sexual assault by gang members, and then their Killing has recently had such a bad effect on the spirit of girls that it has caused some girls to leave their jobs and schools to protect their lives and honor and to lock themselves in their homes. But I must say that this issue is only It is not limited to locking girls behind walls and walls, but it will face many obstacles in the future of Afghanistan. The government should understand that a girl is the future mother and the mother is the person who calls, trains and strengthens the future generation of the country. So it can be said that the girl is the founder of the next generation of a country and if she is not mentally and physically calm, strong and equipped with the torch of knowledge, how will she be able to educate her children well and she will be bright and successful. Lead to a full path.


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