واش انجنیرینګ

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Do not consult with man about creation
This is also said by some people that why was not the man consulted about his birth? What is the purpose of the universe and human life? I wrote another article under the title, where I explained why the universe and man were created. To put it briefly, existence is a blessing, which Allah Almighty has done according to his direction, just like one of our friends gives us a gift. This was one of his directions, he should be thanked for it, not to be criticized.

We see in our own and surrounding communities that if someone is having a party, they don’t consult with the people to give them a party. Instead, he calls them and invites them to his dinner. People do not give gifts by consulting them, but someone comes to you or you meet them, he brought you a gift and we only accept it by saying thank you. He helps us, we do not reject his help, but we praise and thank him for this action, then his help is also acceptable to us.

The creator who created man, this being is a blessing from him, a gift, it should not be a reason for criticism, but it should be thanked. How to continue this blessing and how to thank the creator? He has given his instructions about it, we have informed him that if we act in the light of those instructions, then this blessing will be preserved from decay and we will also be grateful for his guidance.

The second important point is that man does not have any information about his fate, he cannot predict his good and evil, with the limitations of a scientist, he is not able to ask the creator of the universe. Consult with him, ask for his opinion and then act on his advice. Consultation is done with a person whose knowledge, good judgment, vision and best advice are trusted by the consultant, but there is none of this in a human being, so seeking his advice and opinion is only an opinion.

The third point worth mentioning is that God does not need anyone’s advice, His knowledge is perfect, He acts according to His will in the affairs of the world, and no one can ask Him why He does this. Did you do that? Or even if he asks, it doesn’t affect reality one bit. If a person asks, why has Allah given the property of burning to fire? No, there is no other being who can ask Allah Almighty about the order of the world, why did he do this? And neither these criticisms, questions, questions or suggestions can change the earthly realities, because he is the creator, the creator should have the power to create a world as he likes.

We can ask our father why he found me in this family. Why didn’t they find me first? Why am I male and not female? What was I looking for in such conditions? Why wasn’t I born in a dead family that I was born in the house of poor parents?

If these questions are not asked from a father and mother who are human beings like us, or we call them unliterary, then how can we ask them from the creator of the universe? Does he not have the authority as a creator to do as he pleases? The head of the house has this authority, a father has it, the son does not say this to him, but some people do it about Allah!!!


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