د قسم مشروعیت په آیتو سره

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د قسم مشروعیت په آیتو سره




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Living environment and wars Muhammad is sure
The ongoing senseless wars not only destroy our political, cultural, economic and social institutions, but because of it, millions of people are forced to migrate from the place of war to save themselves and their families and settle in another place. As a result, these displaced people leave their homes, places of business, and land, and over time, their homes are destroyed, their businesses deteriorate, and their lands turn into deserts and deserts, which is also a bad form of the environment. This situation comes with the displacement of people.
On this side, the forests of the country, which are full of wild animals and birds, run away due to the use of explosives in wars, which die due to the lack of food, or difficulties and hardships on the roads. loses
Before the wars, there were 120 species of wild animals and 500 species of birds in the forests of Afghanistan, which beautified the country’s forests and eco-system, but today there are not many of them, and their death and escape The last forty years have been due to constant wars.
Secondly, in terms of environmental protection, it is necessary and important for the government system of a country to work and implement plans from time to time in the construction and revival of forests and pastures, so that the mountains in the other part of the country It is not used, it is turned into forests, deserts are turned into pastures.
Government systems collapse due to wars, mountains and deserts remain desolate due to the absence of a system.
Natural forests and forests are also being degraded and destroyed due to lack of care and timber traffickers, due to which the beauty of nature, the creation of oxygen, the absorption of carbon dioxide, and the spread of sounds, the increase of winds, and the rains are reduced. It turns out that this situation not only has bad effects on the environment of a country; But it can also have bad and dangerous consequences for the world’s living environment.
Afghanistan’s ongoing wars. Bad results:
In the ongoing wars, more than two million Afghans lost their lives and left behind thousands of widows and orphans who are now busy begging in different cities of the country to earn a living.
1. More than one million people became disabled (armless and legless) due to these wars, which cost the country every year.
Millions of Afghanis are given to them for free.
If they had done their work, the government’s funds would have been spent on reconstruction, and on the other hand, their organs, which are a blessing from God, would not have been destroyed.
2. Due to the wars, more than four and a half million people of the country are refugees in other countries, and they live there day and night.
It is said that the youth are the energy of the country, but this energy is spent in our other countries for the benefits and achievements of others.
3. Not only that wars destroy the country’s facilities, buildings, roads, but also the costs incurred by wars.
It reaches billions of dollars, which has been flowing in the country for several decades.
4. Due to the ongoing wars, the country’s natural resources have been destroyed and almost 60 percent of the forests have been destroyed.
5. Due to the wars, our administrative, economic and educational systems have deteriorated, and due to the efforts and actions of foreigners and some sensitive and responsible people of the country in the last twenty years, they have not regained the former position of twenty-four years ago.
6. In the ongoing wars, drug abuse has increased and the number of addicted people has exceeded three million.
I am very sorry to say that we are currently living in the age of civilization and computer and in this age humans have gained access to many developments and innovations and most parts of their lives have been taken by modern and modern technology, everything. have been computerized, their technical capabilities have been strengthened so much that they can work in factories, institutions and fields without human computing devices and Gps, they work with robots in most companies, all of them They are the efforts that have brought the world to this level, that is, they used the resources of the world to the maximum extent for their life, gave beauty to life, saved life from difficulties.
It is also useful for us, considering all the above issues, because of which we are stuck in fear, poverty, war, and miseries.
Let’s stay at home, let’s think, let’s get our country out of the war, restore our international status, we should consider the following topics!

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